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Why Women Lose Weight More Slowly Than Men

There is the fact that despite the same or even more effort, women still lose weight more slowly and sometimes not as effective as men. Why? Let’s find out the reasons why men lose weight faster than women.

Men are bigger

Overall, men are bigger than women. And as you get bigger, your energy consumption gets increased by just moving here and there or just sitting around on the couch, doing nothing.

Basic metabolism speed of men is bigger and because the basic metabolic rate accounts for 70% of the energy we consume every day, so you can understand why men have the advantage over women when starting losing weight.

Everything the men need is to cut down on the intake a little and increase the energy expenditure capability, which leads to the faster result of losing weight.

Men have more muscle

Men tend to have more muscle than women. Meanwhile, the body with more muscles will burn more energy.

Also, as we get older, our muscle mass decreases, approximately 8% per decade after the age of 40, a phenomenon called myasthenia (sarcopenia). All of these can help to explain why the ability of losing weight depends on age and gender.

When thinking of doing exercises to lose weight, many people think of exercises to increase the respiration rate and heart rate, such using treadmills, running or swimming.

However, the researchers found out that those who apply the mixture of exercise forms, increase the toughness training exercises for strengthening respiration rate and heart rate exercises, which tends to reduce more weight, particularly around the waistline, which is closely related to more health problems.

According to the experts, it is time women competed with men in weightlifting and increase a little muscle to themselves.

Why women lose weight more slowly

Women often serve as a cook

There are more and more men involved in the cooking, but women are usually the ones who cook and prepare meals for the whole family, as well as spend more time and have more opportunity to enjoy dishes created by themselves. This is why women easily load more calories uncontrollably.

Women stay at home more

Though more than two thirds of all women in the world are having a job to earn money, about half of the work is part-time because of family circumstances or other constraints. We all know that, compared to men, women generally spend more time on family care and homemaking.

And it also makes women stay at home more as well as easily form the habit of snacking. In contrast, when busy with work at the office, where the refrigerator containing food is not easy to access, they may pay less attention to satisfy their hunger.

Women are more easily to get emotional eating

The studies have shown that women more likely to eat to relieve their emotions, such as they are ready to devour the food to escape from boredom or pain or many other reasons, not necessarily because of hunger. In contrast, in the same emotional state, many men often seem to seek to “help” from alcohol, which contains less calories. Therefore, this is also the reason why women’s weight loss is less effective than men.

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