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Vitamins For Weight Loss

Nowadays, weight loss is main and important factor of many people. This may happen due to some lack of vitamins. And if you overcome vitamin deficiency, you can maintain the healthy and proper body. Some vitamins can even help to support weight loss plan more effectively. So, what are neccessary vitamins for weight loss? This article will help you better understand this issue.

Best vitamins for weight loss

Vitamin D for weight loss

Nowadays, vitamin D deficiency is seen most commonly in every one billion people around the world. Vitamin D side effects are increased mortality, skeletal diseases, cancer, metabolic disorder, infection and heart disease. Vitamin D is fat soluble vitamin, it will store fat tissues. If it stays in your body for about 3-6 months means risk, the levels gets higher it becomes toxic and it may difficult to remove from your body.

Food for vitamin D

The following healthy food item contains vitamin D, cod liver oil, beef liver, eggs, Fortified milk and swordfish. These are some of the main items which contain vitamin D source. Add some calcium supplement with vitamin D, because it is also used to reduce your weight loss. Taking higher calcium will reduce fat accumulation from your fat cells and it may remove some of your dietary fat on your gastrointestinal tract, by this your body will prevent form absorbing it. And it is recommended to take calcium between 1000 to 1200 mg daily. Because your body can’t absorb more than 500 mg calcium, so split the supplements for 500 mg. Taking higher level of calcium will lead to heart disease, so be careful about how much calcium you take in your diet. Good calcium sources are dairy products, almonds, dark leafy green and broccoli.

Add some magnesium supplements, because it is involved in your body for over 300 chemical reactions and reduce your weight loss. Its plays a role in many of the metabolic functions to show the improvement in fasting glucose and insulin levels this will regulate your weight. Symptoms of this deficiency are as follows irritability, irregular heartbeat and muscle weakness. It is recommended to take magnesium per day as 350 mg and take one to two doses for that day fully. Good and best magnesium is dairy products, beans, fish, nuts and shellfish.

vitamins for weight loss

Vitamin B12 for weight loss

Vitamin B12 plays a many roles in your body because it is water soluble vitamin and it is used to create red blood cells and how your body uses calories. Vitamin B12 can generally lead deficiency, anemia and mostly seen in vegetarian people and stomach surgery people. Food for Vitamin B12 is fish, chicken and beef.

Foods for Vitamin B12

Foods for Vitamin B12 are as follows fish oil or omega 3s, fiber items are some of the foods. This oil will contribute many health benefits to body and gives the metabolism of dietary fat and Cholesterol. This may also aid the immune system and helps to protect nerve and brain cells from stress and damage. Fish oil may also helps in many ways to enhance exercising, recovery and it may helps to lose your weight. Fiber is not a vitamin but it will help to reduce the weight. It will happen in different ways to achieve.

This will help you to fill and reduce your appetite by leading fewer calories. A research proved that consuming fiber 14 grams a day on an average of about 10 % fewer calories weight may lose 4 pounds for 4 months period if you take fiber. This helps you to reduce weight in friendly and healthy manner. To reduce weight no pill are available, you need to take vitamins and nutrients to manage your weight loss. Before starting any weight loss programs, create a balanced diet and have many vitamins to give all nutrition to your body and works properly.

Mainly there are many vitamins, minerals which will help you to reduce your weight and make sure you don’t have any deficiency loss. Take the following foods African mango, apple cider vinegar, Beta-Glucan.

African Mango

This is not a normal mango it also called Irvingia, and it may not available in super markets, but it seems quite closely like that .Mostly for weight loss, you need to take some fruits. While selecting African mango make sure to buy a high quality brand, so that you can take without any problems.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Taking this will help you to reduce weight loss, by drinking this will allow you to eat less. It contains natural benefits which is obtained from pressed apples taking 30ml a day will help you feel better and healthy for weight loss.


This will allow you to take fiber more and help you in losing weight. It’s soluble so it passes to undigested part and provide in the benefit of eating food that are higher in fiber. You should not worry about taking food with grains like barley and oats that too when you are in diet it won’t affect much.

Bitter Orange

This is used for suppressing the appetite for weight loss because it is extracted from citrus fruit, so it won’t provide any artificial things. It contains less harmful substance for other ingredients so it won’t harm your body.

Vitamin B for weight loss

When you get complex in vitamin B, it may lineup as follows: B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9 and B12. There are many plenty ways to trip your weight loss efforts and some dieters gets injected to lose weight and gain energy level.

Chromium Picolinate

This is rich in mineral which will enhance the insulin action a hormone critical which acts to metabolism. The body of your stores carbohydrates, proteins and fats The following thing provide chromium supplements such as lower appetite, help to burn more calories and reduces body fat and boost muscle mass. Natural medicines say that chromium is used for weight loss. Rare case of side effects is insomnia, irritability, and headache.


This is a sugar which is extracted from outer layer of lobsters, shrimps and crabs. This is used to absorb fats and cholesterol and some of the reports suggest taking Chitosan 1 to 5 grams a day will reduce your weight.

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