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Natural Beauty Tips

Natural beauty in thinking

There is a great saying: “No ugly women, only women do not know how to make themselves beautiful”. Creator graciously donated the women with natural beauty that can not be denied. Thus, please believe that you are very beautiful. The beauty of confidence from the thoughts will make you radiant to those around you. Moreover, confidence will also make your gestures, actions and your words become more charmingful and attractive. It is really unnecessary to find out yourself the bad points of your body. Instead, you should take care of the details of the body to create yourself an overall beauty.

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Natural beauty with glowing skin

There is the saying : “first shape, second skin”. Beside the beautiful shape, skin is very important in creating the total beauty of a woman. Brighten your skin so that your face becomes more radiant. There are many ways to take care of your skin. However, the excessive use of cosmetics for a long time often ruins the smooth and youthful skin. Cosmetics derived from the natural herbs or vegetables in your kitchen can bring long-term effects on the natural beauty of your skin if they are used properly. Using products from nature, shea butter can be used for more skin tone, tea tree oil can be used for inflamed acne, rosemary oil can be used for acne, and use witch hazel when you want to have calming affect on redness. Eating more fruit and veggies in your diet, you will get a lot of vitamins D, C, E… Don’t exfoliate skin more than 4 times each week. Don’t over exfoliate because it makes your face be red and flaky . In the morning, use cool water to rinse your face. Have a small spray bottle to contain the cleanser, you will be able to use it throughout a day

Natural Beauty with Vitamin E

Vitamin E has been shown by scientists that it is very effective to prevent aging skin and maintain its natural beauty. Every day, skin is often exposed to ultraviolet sunlight that’s the reason why it has lost elasticity and bruised. Vitamin E will help to reduce  evaporation and the sensitivity of the skin. The process of aging skin starts from the age of 25. Vitamin E also works as an antioxidant, helping to protect the damaged cells caused by oxidation of free radicals. Thus, Vitamin E also reduces the skin’s aging process and prevents wrinkles on the skin. With sensitive skin as oily skin, Vitamin E reduces sebum production in the skin, causing acne. For the impact of weather, Vitamin E will protect collagen and elastin structure of the skin, keeping skin elasticity, firmness. In addition, vitamin E reduces evaporation status through the skin, keeping the skin soft.

Maintaining a healthy diet

A natural beauty is certainly closely linked with a healthy and slender body. And these factors are largely affected by diet. A healthy diet is a balanced diet in which food is an adequate combination of nutrients, starch, protein and fiber… You should limit foods that contain fat such as sweet foods, fried and fast foods… They not only damage your health but also contribute to you becoming overweight which will definitely affect your natural beauty. Add more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Vegetables and fruits are essential components of a balanced diet, and they are very healthy. They are an abundant source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, and they also contain natural protective substances, such as antioxidants, which can destroy cancer-causing agents and cancer cells.

Makeup gently when necessary

Sometimes, we also need to make up at a certain event. The cosmetics used for makeup can depend on your face, your hair and your clothes. Although with heavy makeup cosmetics you use, you can create a style, a personality, it will make you lose the natural beauty. In this case we need to perform a gentle makeup just to highlight the face. A good tinted moisturizer, brown mascara, nude or pink lip gloss, and a touch of rosy cream blush is all the natural beauty needs.

Beauty with healthy and silky hair

To keep a healthy hair, the most effective way is to add nutrients to the hair, such as amino acids. Another important thing is to avoid making the hair more vulnerable when out in the sun by umbrellas or hats so as to avoid ultraviolet rays. When you are at sea or pool if you leave hair wet in the sun which also damage your hair. In everyday life, you should take care of your hair carefully. For example, too much shampooing will also be not good for the hair. Shampooing several times a day is what you need to reconsider. You shouldn’t go to bed when your hair is still wet , but drying the hair too much also damages it. Thus, when drying, you should use cold mode as natural ventilation. One person has an average of 10 thousand hairs and each day from 50 to 100 hairs are replaced. For durable hair, you should note a reasonable daily diet. In addition, when washing your hair, you should also massage your scalp with the palms for blood circulation in the hair.

Keep oral hygiene for fresh breath

Keep oral hygiene and fresh breath will make us more confident while speaking. Oral hygiene is something we must make every day. Brush teeth after every meal and before bed at night. You can take a sugar free gum and chew it after meals, it can promote saliva that ultimately lessens probability of cavities and helps to prevents plaque acid. Meet your dentist every six months to check and clean your teeth. And remember, to keep your teeth white, you should drink through straws with coffee and soda, they are strong acidic drinks and they can corrode the enamel.

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Exercise to keep natural beauty

For those who want to lose weight, exercising with a moderate amount can help to burn large amounts of calories. For those who have normal bodies, gentle exercises are regarded as part of keeping slim physique. Therefore, doing exercises for these people is simply to do what they like… Moreover, maintaining an exercise routine will make you have a good health and spirit, resulting in a youthful and dynamic style. That is the reason why we call it exercise, the originally meant “the act of employing or putting into play”. If you feel like walking your dog, dance, hike, run, bike… you should enjoy it. Exercise also makes you happier and more confident because exercise help to release the hormones which called endorphins.

Deep enough sleep will also help you look better

The primary benefit of full sleep is bright and beautiful eyes. Lack of sleep will make the eyes dark circles, puffy, bloodshot. Try to sleep a little earlier and follow the therapy to make you sleep better. You will not be able to have beautiful skin if you go to bed late. Getting enough sleep every night will help skin cells re-create and relax the surface. This provides a smooth skin in the next morning. Acne is a concern of many people’s skin.  The simplest way to prevent it is to have a full sleep. During sleep, your body will secrete anti-inflammatory and insulin, which have the ability to kill acne. Sufficient rest also helps to fight infections and make your skin brighter. Sleep also helps nutritional supplement for skin. During sleep, our bodies regenerate cells damaged by the sun or the environment. An interesting thing happens when sleep is the body to produce growth hormone HGH which helps maintain elasticity, smooth skin. For hair, enough sleep also gives you beautiful hair. When you sleep, you will get optimal amount of melatonin and cortisol to keep hair shiny, hair loss prevention, providing smoother look. And of course, sleep is also beneficial to keep the beautiful body. According to research by scientists at the University of Chicago, dieters need at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night to lose a lot of fat.

Have a healthy lifestyle

If you drink alcohol or smoke, if you are frequently drunk or appear with a cigarette on your lips or if you are lazy in your working and private life… Surely you can not have a beautiful appearance. Give yourself a healthy lifestyle. Let’s say no to alcohol and drugs. Think about the positive things in life. Spend some time in the day to be physically active, participating in some local clubs which are places where people with active lifestyles often get together… What you will gain by doing all this is a change in your lifestyle and you will become more healthy and give you a beautiful image and style, youthful and dynamic. So you just have to maintain your health to stay looking young while you also contribute to building a better life for those who join in activities with you. This is quite an amazing thing.

More beautiful with a smile to welcome a new day

To start a new day: smile as soon as you wake up and are still in bed. A gentle smile not only gives you the inspiration to energize a new day, but it is also able to help you create a habit of positive thinking throughout the day. Waking up with a smile every morning.

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