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Olive Oil Is Good For The Heart And Increases Fertility

Olive oil is a healthy food familiar to all of us. In addition to having a beautifying effect, olive oil also has many healthy effects such as lowering the blood pressure, preventing the development of some types of cancer, soothes rheumatism and prevents arteriosclerosis developing. Recently, scientists have done some research and published what the effects of olive oil can have with cardiovascular diseases and fertility.

Eating olive oil is good for your heart

A new research published by Italy shows that by using 10g olive oil will help to stabilize both blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

This conclusion partly explains why the diet of people in the Mediterranean includes olive oil as it helps them to have a healthy heart and reduce the risk of stroke compared to other regions. “olive oil has the effect of lowering blood glucose and cholesterol in order to reduce negative effects on the cardiovascular system,” Violi researchers at Rome’s Sapienza university of Rome, said.

The experiment was conducted with a group of healthy people who for a typical lunch ate Mediterranean foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and with only a small amount of milk or red meat. The group of healthy people had 10g or about 2 teaspoons of olive oil, while the other group had lunch served with 10g of corn oil.

Blood tests were carried out two hours before and after meals and it showed increased blood sugar levels in all the participants. However, blood sugar levels didn’t rise as much with those eating with olive oil than corn oil users. In addition, olive oil helps the body to accumulate less lipoprotein and cholesterol, which is known to cause atherosclerosis, thrombosis and heart attacks.

According to the world health organization (WHO), deaths from cardiovascular disease rather than any other cause, say the main reason for this is due to a diet high in cholesterol, fat and sedentary habits.

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Olive oil

Eating olive oil increases fertility

Olive oil supplements when used in the diet increases the likelihood of pregnancy by 40%, in a trial of more than 100 couples who were doing IVF (in vitro fertilization).

This experimental diet which is based on olive oil being used for both cooking and drinking supplied the body with a daily amount of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. This diet was applied for 6 weeks, in addition to the regular meals of the couples in vitro fertilization.

The level of impact on the fertility of couples who used olive oil compared with couples who applied a diet of sunflower oil and water found it supplemented the placebo.

The team at the university of Southampton (UK) found, this diet may increase the chances of conception up to 40%. Testing is done on the basis of previous studies which show that increasing the amount of fat intake of olive oil leads to faster development of embryos after in vitro fertilization.

Besides the health benefits, olive oil has many benefits for our beauty. Read on: Benefits Of Olive Oil For Skin

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