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Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Dates

Date is a dry fruit which is very familiar among the people. It is one among the sweetest fruits which is available in many varieties. The date fruit can be eaten raw and it will have the resemblance of plums and raisins in the flavour. It includes many sources like fiber, potassium, copper, iron, vitamin, minerals and fluorine. It has many essential nutrients like other fruits. Thus the medical experts advise people to consume date fruit in their regular routine. People who intake dates in their regular routine can maintain their health properly. Dates will be easily digested and hence the human body will attain the vital nutrients easily. Let’s explore the nutrition facts and health benefits of dates with Naturalhealth-naturalbeauty.

Nutrition facts in the dates

In a 100g of dates, the following nutrition facts are available:

  • 6.7 grams of fiber
  • 696 milligrams of potassium
  • 0.4 milligrams of copper
  • 0.3 milligrams of manganese
  • 54 milligrams of magnesium
  • 0.2 milligrams of vitamin B6

Generally dates are having rich amount of sugar. In a 100g of dates, 66.5 grams of sugar content will be present. Likewise, the fruit gives many essential nutrients along with the taste.

16 Health benefits of dates fruit

Most of the people will be having the habit of eating dates regularly in their day to day life. There are numerous health benefits in having the dates along with the staple food. Some of the imperative benefits of dates are given below.

Benefits Of Dates

Help digestion

Generally the fiber has an important role in maintain the colon health and it will regulate the digestion in the proper manner. Since the fruit has certain amount of fiber, it will promote the functions of the digestive system. Also it will clean the gastrointestinal system and improve the efficiency of colon. This will also reduce the chances of colon cancer, colitis and haemorrhoids.

Dates help to improve heart’s health

The fiber also has an influence in maintaining the health of the heart. Therefore the fiber content in the dates will improves the functioning of heart and it will keep it healthy. Similarly, the amount of potassium can also helps the heart to function properly.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Since the dates having rich amount of magnesium, it has the characteristics of anti-inflammatory. Hence it can avoid the issues like cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer disease, arthritis and other similar health problems.

Dates help to maintain blood pressure

Many dieticians recommend people to consume dates since it has the ability to maintain the blood pressure. Those who are having high pressure can add the dates in their regular menu. The magnesium and potassium present in the fruit will take care of that function.

Dates help to reduce the risk of stroke attack

Many researches and studies have proven that the consumption of 100 milligrams of magnesium can reduce the risk of stroke attack by 9%. Therefore the dates will be the best option to intake magnesium.

Dates help in pregnancy and delivery

Many studies have found that the women can consume dates in the last four weeks of delivery. It will lessen necessitate of augmentation and induction of labour.

Dates help in improving brain’s health

Eating dates regularly will provide the required amount of Vitamin B6 which has an important role in increasing the performance of brain.

Improve elasticity of skin

As dates provide the vitamin to the body, it enhances elasticity of skin. Also the nutrients which are present in the dates will improve the tissue. It will make the skin softer and smooth. Moreover the daily consumption of dates can also avoid certain skin problems.

Treat abdominal cancer

The date fruit has the ability to cure the abdominal cancer and it can also improve the eye sight. People can also consume if they are facing night blindness problem. Since it does not have any side effects, people do not need to worry about consuming it for those problems.

Provide energy to the body

Dates can be also eaten as a snack. Since it has more sugar content, it can boost the energy level of the body.

Strengthen the hairs

As dates include many essential nutrients, it can provide strength to the hair. People can eat 2 to 3 dates in their daily routine and it will give them better results as they expect.

Dates help to gain weight

People those who are very slim and want to improve the physique can consume dates in the regular manner. It will help them to gain more weight as they want.

Prevent Anaemia

Since the dates includes rich amount of iron, it can be used by the people who are affected by anaemia. It will increase the iron levels in their blood.

Dates help in constipation

People those who are having the constipation problem can use the dates by soaking it in the water for a night. They can eat the fruit and consume the water to get relief from the problem.

Help in improving bones strength

The dates include selenium, manganese, copper and magnesium. It can give strength to the bones and it will maintain it healthy.

Used for intoxication

Many people will use dates as an alcoholic intoxication. They can soak the dates in the water for a night and they eat in the next day. It will give relief from the hangover.

Health Benefits Of Dates

Selection and preservation of dates

With the nutrition facts and health benefits of dates that are listed above, it is sure a healthy food for us. Many people will commit mistake in choosing the right dates. Even if they choose it, they will not know how to preserve the fruit. Generally the fresh fruits will have wrinkles and they will not be hard. People must ensure that while they are buying. Also they can choose the fruit which has plump and glossy look on their skin. People should not buy the dates if the skin of dates is covered with crystallized sugar. Once they choose the perfect fruits they have to preserve them in the container which is sealed. They have to be kept in the proper room temperature. Dates can be preserved and used up to 2 months. After that it will not be suitable to eat or consume in any other ways.

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