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Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

If you are a fan of natural and safe weight loss methods, you may like the natural weight loss supplements that listed below:

Milk thistle

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Milk thistle extract can support liver function and fend off multiple toxins. Liver is our body’s chemical plant for fat metabolism. To make your Liver healthier, you should take 200 milligrams of milk thistle extract daily.

Green tea extract

Green tea is known as an antioxidant, seems to have thermogenic boosters that can aid in burning fat and raise metabolism. Drink green tea everyday will bring you numerous health benefits. But if you want to use green tea for weight control, you should take two 250 milligrams of capsules of extract everyday.


Some researches showed that calcium and dairy products has good effects in weight loss. The dieters who consumed calcium and dairy products in diet lost their weight faster than dieters who did not. It is possible to take 1,000 mg of calcium citrate everyday. You should add about 400 milligram magnesium citrate because calcium can deplete it.

Konjac root

Natural Weight Loss Supplements 2

Fiber absorbs fat from foods and you will feel fuller and longer. Use fiber supplement for weight loss will help you to have better results. Konjac root is a special fiber, it is viscous and soaks up water, sugar and fat in the gut. Taking 2-4 capsules before meal is a safe and powerful way to promote weight loss.

Fish oil

There are omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil. These acids help body to change the way uses fat. The body will burn fat as fuel instead of storing it. Combined 30-minute running and consuming 2 gram fish-oil everyday, it will help you to lose weight faster and more effectively.


Natural Weight Loss Supplements 3

It is very useful to use guggul for aiding weight loss, lowering cholesterol and relieving joint pain. A study at the University of Nebraska showed that people who consumed 750 mg of guggul daily and exercised three times a week lost an average of 6 pounds in 6 months. But people who exercised only lost 0.5-1 pound. Guggul helps increase thyroid hormone levels, therefore the body will metabolize fat and thyroid function is improved.

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