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Natural Skin Care Tips At Home

Beauty is what everyone in this world needs. We are so willing to try anything to get beautiful skin, but surely this can’t be an overnight miracle. Major percentages of our salaries aregoing for our beauty, but there are many natural skin care tips at home that can be performed in our leisure time to make our skin more beautiful. Skin is the body’s largest organ; it provides a thin and effective barrier against many threats in this world.

Environment pollution, ultraviolet light, extreme temperatures, wind, sweating can cause damage to our skin. Our lifestyle has the immense effect directly applying to skin. Stress also can be a major reason for unhealthy skin, eating junk foods, too much exposure to sun and other hormonal changes makes our skin dull. Under these conditions, the natural skin care tips at home are the effective methods for us.

Natural skin care tips at home

In Ancient times people were not having many beauty products, so natural organic skincare is only way to have more healthy and glowing skin. Few natural skin care tips at home are elaborated below:

natural skin care tips at home

Keep on Hydration: Water is one major component for healthy skin; drink plenty of water to make a smooth and clear skin. It will help to flush out the toxins from body which spoils the skin.

Exercise: Sweat your body to get quick results in beautiful skin. By regularly sweating your body, skin pores are opened and toxins are escaped from skin.

Tea water and Honey face pack: If you are a tea lover, then this technique will help you better on the skin cleansing. Pour tea water in a spray bottle and spray around your face gently for getting quicker freshness and fragrance. Antioxidants in the tea water will flush the free radicals and extra toxins from your skin. Adding honey to it will help you to protect your face from bacteria and keep it hydrated.

Stress and Sleep: These two are important factors for maintaining healthy skin; one should get adequate sleep to get a fresh and young skin. Stress factor should be completely avoided for glowing skin, stress will make an age lines in your face which will make you appear older. Nobody wants to look older than they are, so just avoid stress and have good sleep daily then happy skin can be found every morning.

Sleeping: Before going to bed rinse off and cleanly cleanse your face to remove makeup and other dirt from your face. Removing make up with cleanser is very good for a beautiful skin. Else skin will remain clogged up for long hours of your sleep. Skin will find difficult to breathe with the entire make up on. Remember, your skin also needs breathing time. Sleeping with makeup can cause acne and pimples on your face.

Drop the toner: In case if you have a dry skin, please drop the idea of toner, since it will make your skin drier. Toner is mainly used to restore the natural PH of skin after washing from soap, but if your skin is already dry after washing, and then please avoid toner.

Fragrance-free: Smell is one most important factor in maintaining skin and its beauty. Fragrance full creams and other makeup items will cause the skin-care related allergy. If your skin is very sensitive, then it is very preferable to use the unscented makeup creams and soaps for use. Many chemicals are mixed in soaps and creams for extra fragrance and smell which will surely cause its negative effect on the sensitive skin.

Turmeric Usage: This ingredient is used from ancient times for betterment of the skin, and any skin related infections. It can heal any kind of infections, pimples and wounds and hence it is used as face cleanser by many Indian women. Turmeric is anti-bacterial in nature and helps skin to get rid of any marks, cuts and infections. Turmeric along with milk or sandal wood with rose water will act as a perfect face pack with is very much home made for the healthy skin care.

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health benefits of turmeric

Essential oils: Castor oil, olive oil, peppermint oil, almond oil can be applied on body for attaining youthful and beautiful skin. Combination of olive, castor and almond oil will act as a perfect remedy for acne free skin. This technique will yield the best results within 2 to 3 days of usage.

Moisturize: moisturizer is vital item to improve the youthful and freshness of the skin. It will help in soothing the skin by replenishing the necessary oils from the skin. There difference to be noted between the 2 types of skin. This works differently for men and women since normally men skin is slightly harder than the women, hence an effective moisturizer with the sun screen should be used for better health of skin. Applying coconut oil will act as the perfect moisturizer as homemade natural skin care technique. This will help in preventing skin from pre-mature aging, wrinkles, and also skin cancer.

Lemon and Yogurt: For fading acne marks and skin lighting, lemon and yogurt can be used for greater results. This will refresh the skin by making a face mask by itself. Lemon will act as a natural cleanser and bleaching property. A gradual rub on the face can help in improving the blood circulation on the body and face.

Aloe Vera facial Cleanser: For dry skin types, this natural homemade cleanser is best for greater improvement of skin. Blending aloe vera gel with olive oil and rose water makes a perfect skin cleanser. Usage of above gel for skin will help in acne removal and pimples. This will also make your skin brighter and soft.

A healthy skin is important for both men and women. Men’s skin has more pores and very thick than women, so the sebaceous gland will be more active by making the men’s skin oilier. Hence skin care should be maintained for both men and women. Instead of going behind the artificial and chemical creams and cleansers, the above said natural remedies and homemade packs can be used for attaining beautiful and healthy skin. This will also be cost effective and natural to your skin.

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