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Low Carb Snacks

Because carbohydrates provide energy for the body, low carb diet which does not eliminate all carbohydrates, only removes bad carb and replaces them with good carb. We should not adopt a flawed methodology that meets the needs of the body with protein only because good carb can fuel to burn energy. The combination of low carb foods and high-protein foods will bring greater efficiency. Here are the low carb snacks that you should use as part of your diet.

Low carb snacks that good for us

Chocolate with Almonds

This is one of the most delicious yet low carb snack that you can take whenever you want. The roasted almond are covering the rich chocolate. This only has 1.5 grams of carbs. In addition, they have low-glycemic impact. It does not perform such risk in conducting a sugar crash.

Celery stick to make low carb snacks

In the past time, we were suggested to avoid celery since it was believed that it has negative calorie food. But that was just a myth. This is the perfect snack for those who want to lower their calories. The snack is definitely one of the best choices to accompany your day. You can combine it with peanut butter or fill it with tuna. The celery stick is low-calorie delicacy before dining.

Spinach Salad with Egg

If you are concerning about eyes’ health, then this snack is for you. Spinach is high in lutein and zeaxanthine, keeping your eyes healthy. Prepare your salad and combine it with a hard-boiled egg on top of it. This can be the most delightful treat for you and your family. You can either eat it in the mid-day or supper time. Enjoy the natural flavors of spinach salad with hard-boiled egg on top. For the dressing, you can squeeze some lemons or some tomatoes.

low carb snacks 2

Chocolate Peanut Butter with Pretzel (Fit Bar)

This sounds like candy bar than a snack. Combining peanut butter, chocolate, and pretzel, this is the perfect source of protein for you. The treat contains 3 grams of carbs and 16 grams of protein. And you can take the spot of the whole meal.

Some Hummus to make low carb snacks

It’s another treat that will spoil your tongue. You can challenge your taste buds with some sliced red pepper dipped in hummus. This delicacy is the perfect source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which is beneficial for your eyes’ health. For the computer geek, I’d like to recommend this snack to keep your eyes healthy.

Blueberry with Greek yogurt Bar

Yogurt bars are not new thing for folks. They have been favorite for a long time. And you can take this as a meal too. The bar contains about 3 grams of sugar, which means safe for those sugar haters. It is also the perfect protein, containing 14 grams. This will support your diet for sure.

Low carb snacks with nutritious nuts

Nuts are quick and easy snack. You can bring them anywhere, and eat them whenever you want. Taking some nuts on daily basis is really great for yourself but you don’t have to over eat it since they are high in calories. You have to maintain the normal portions. Nuts are the perfect source of Vitamin E and good fats. They are good for your skin. You can combine them with yoghurt. Just sprinkle the nuts over non-fat plain yoghurt, 8 ounces are good. Put aside flavored yogurt since they contain too much sugar.

Greek yogurt with raspberries and honey

Reading on the subtitle may make you come up with the sweet, creamy and savory treat. Well, that’s true. However, Greek yogurt is low in fats, or we can say that it is healthy fat. This is the perfect combination of healthy fats, fiber and protein source that sure will fill your energy when the supper time has come. In addition the vitamin C in the raspberries improve your metabolic rate which support the fat burning level graduation. A single serving cup of Greek yoghurt combined with a cup of raspberries and a half tps of honey will do good.

String cheese is a low carb food

This is one of the most popular finger food that you are hardly to resist. The string cheese has been very popular these days. You can either eat it by itself, or mix the string cheese with other ingredients such as zucchini slices, and roasted sweet potatoes.

low carb snacks 2

Those low carb snacks are not only good for health, but they are also effective in helping you overcome hunger between working hours. You can use them daily whenever you feel hungry, this will help you to control your diet and avoid eating all the food you see during the meal because of an empty stomach.

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