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Keeping Fit Tips

No abstinence required, you can still keep the slender look, thanks to a few simple keeping fit tips as below

Do not force yourself. Just enjoy your favorite food moderately. You cannot gain weight with a single kind of food, the diet that is the problem.

Eating as a fun, not filling your stomach. You’ve heard this statement, haven’t you? An elegant woman should put down the chopsticks when there is still somewhat on the dishes. This will also help you stop eating before you feel full bulky.

Make sure that the vegetables are half of rations. Vegetable fills with fiber and water, so it helps to fill your stomach before adding other food.

When ordering, call small dishes. Whether it’s coffee, salads, soup, yogurt or other foods, you should call small dishes. If you want a slim body, you should also have a little like this small size.

Keeping Fit Tips

Leave 1/4 plate of food when having dinner outside. Whenever going out for dinner, we should eat less because the food is served twice as often as we need. So, the matter is that you can eat what you like, but less.

Do not forget to drink water. You are often confused and believe that you are hungry when in fact only thirsty. Drink 8 glasses of water each day. You can add lemon juice to make it taste and flavor enhanced vitamins.

Do not eat a big meal. Do not try to abstain all day and eat a big meal for dinner. If you eat moderate amount of food throughout the day, your amount of food for evening and night will decrease.

Snack before eating dinner outside. Try to eat a little fruit or nuts so that you are not too hungry and overeat when enjoying the party outside.

Remember to carry snacks frequently. By this way, you will always have something to eat when hungry. You can’t stand stop eating something and you will often eat things possible, even you know that are not good for your shape, such as cakes, candies. Fruits, nuts … should be ready in the bag.

Sometimes you should be vegetarians. This way helps your body to rest after the consumption of animal proteins and other food.

Always choose whole grains and avoid white flour. By following this, you do not need to completely cut starch into the body. Whole grains help you no longer maintain blood sugar levels and more vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, the white powder quickly turns sugar into your body and if your body does not burn, it will accumulate into fat.

Having breakfast. Breakfasts help the metabolic process in your body perform better and prevent you from overeating for dinner at the night.

Do activities at least 3 hours per week. Get up earlier, about 1 hour to the gym or walk after dinner. Stop in a bus stop near your office or park a bit farther in order to step up to the company.

Doing exercise is not all. Going to the gym does not mean you can reward yourself with giant dessert later. Eat more without doing exercise and do you think you will gain weight or lose weight?

Do not eat after dinner. Food gives us energy. We do not need extra energy to go to sleep.

Stay away from artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners increase appetite and phenomena of bloating, fatigue and tiredness. If you like, you can add a teaspoon of raw sugar (pure cane juice, filter and dried), honey or fruit syrup. One tablespoon has 16 calories only.

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