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Keep Your Heart Healthy With Foods

A simple way to help the smooth functioning of the heart – which can even be very nice – it’s healthy food choices that not only allow you to maintain a healthy weight but also help reduce blood pressure and the amount of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. In September, the World Heart Day is celebrated, and to join the efforts to keep it healthy, we offer a few tips to know what to eat to take care and to share them with family and friends.

Heart Healthy Foods

One of the important factors when selecting foods to protect your heart is to look at product labels and verify the amounts or proportions of fat, sugar, salt or sodium and calcium. Of these components, you must choose those that have less fat, sugar and salt or sodium and calcium, vitamins and fiber.

You must also learn to differences different types of fats. Avoid products with hydrogenated fats or trans (a type of fat that manufacturers transform solid liquid fat) butter used only occasionally and, when you want to use oil, choose healthier, such as olive and canola .

Also, beware! When reading labels, pay attention to those that warn “fat” or “cholesterol free”. Although they seem very healthy, they not always are. Why? Many times these products have a high sugar content, are not low in calories and can increase your levels of triglycerides (other fats) in the blood.

The Mediterranean diet is an example of a healthy not only for the heart but also for overall health alternative. A recent article in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology refers to a study that analyzed the results of 50 studies that presented a “life insurance” for a healthy heart and associated with decreased mortality from heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers.

In the Mediterranean diet dominated by fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. Unlike the diet that we follow in the Americas, only consume red from time to time and in small quantities meats. In its place, they eat fish, poultry, nuts and legumes each week. Also, instead of corn oil, sunflower and lard, olive oil mainly used. On the other hand, alcohol is (and should be) avoid.

healthy heart

Here are some kind of foods that can help you keep your heart healthy:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables or frozen unsweetened.
  • Dairy and non-dairy alternative low-fat and non-hydrogenated.
  • Raw nuts and seeds and varied.
  • Various oils: olive, canola, walnut, peanuts or peanut and sesame; aerosols nonfat cooking and baking fat substitutes, such as mashed figs and apple sauce.
  • Various vinegars: rice, balsamic, apple cider and raspberry.
  • Herbs, seasonings and spices of all kinds: let your imagination!
  • Artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes such as honey and stevia.
  • Vegetables and cereals, preferably wholegrain, as are healthier and contain more fiber.
  • Breads and pastas whole grains, soy (soya) or maize.
  • Sauces and preserves fat-free or low in fat and with the least amount of salt or sodium possible.
  • Soups and low-sodium broth


Remember that 80% of premature heart attacks and strokes (strokes) can be avoided, inter alia, with a healthy diet. If you accompany regular physical activity and avoiding the consumption of snuff or stop smoking, your heart, for sure, will be healthier.

Even with these changes in your lifestyle, do not stop your blood pressure checked regularly, the level of your blood sugar and lipid levels or cholesterol, which are the main enemies of the heart.




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