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Japanese Beauty Secrets

The Japanese women have always possessed a very attractive beauty that radiates from the hair, skin, smile and a slender body. To get that beauty, the Japanese take care of their bodies very carefully both inside and outside. Especially, to keep their slender bodies, Japanese women have adopted very effective and trick rules in the diet. The simple diet combined with healthy habits is the key to keep slender physique of a woman in Sakura country. Let’s explore the Japanese beauty secrets with Natural Health – Natural Beauty.

Several small meals during the day

Japanese women have the habit of eating small portions and enjoy every morsel. They also use small bowls and plates, which make them feel that they are eating more. Instead of eating 3 big meals as people in other countries, Japanese women eat 5-6 smaller meals a day. In particular, the meal often includes a lot of vegetables, cereals, cabbage and seaweed.

3 meals a day will make you feel hungry before eating the meal and that is the reason why you should eat more. Eat smaller meals not only help you feel comfortable, not repress yourself to resist cravings but also help quench hunger even when it has not started.

Japanese Beauty Secrets

Start a meal with soup

The Japanese meal consists of a soup as an appetizer. The low-calorie soup, just help alleviate hunger fast and just makes us eat less during the rest of the meal. That’s the reason why the amount of calories taken into the body and are unlikely to gain weight.

Eat more fish

Fish is an important part of Japanese women’s diet in general and Japan in particular. In addition, the processing of the fish are healthy, they usually eat boiled fish and rarely eat steamed fish dishes using a lot of oil.

Japanese Beauty Secrets 2

Japanese people love to eat fish because they are rich in Omega-3 and protein. According to some studies, Omega-3 helps boost metabolism. Protein helps us quickly feel full for a long time. Salmon is also low in calories so do not have to worry about the risk of gaining weight but also keep the slender physique.

Diversification for meals

According to many studies, Japanese people eat more than 100 different foods each week. The Japanese have also changed food habits during the day but not lack of nutrients from meat, vegetables or fruit. Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables not only help Japanese women have beautiful skin but also avoid obesity, diabetes and cancer.

Hara Hachibunme Principles

For those familiar with Japanese culture, Hara Hachibunme principles will not be so strange. According to this principle, Japanese women eat only until they feel full about 80%. To achieve this, they often eat slowly because when they eat slowly, their brains will have enough time to catch up full signal.

Drinking green tea

Japanese Beauty Secrets 3

Scientists have conducted many studies to unravel the magic of the green tea. All recent studies show that green tea is good for health. There is scientific evidence that green tea can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, protect you from cancer.

In Japan, visitors will easily find its people drinking 5-6 cups of green tea per day. Compounds in green tea have been shown to reduce cholesterol and speed up fat burning. This is why green tea is considered a popular beverage in shape of Japanese women.

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