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How To Prevent The Flu

There are many ways we can use to prevent the flu beside a flu shot. They are easy and effective. Use these flu-fighting strategies everyday to protect your health as a natural guard.

Keep your body strong. First of all, you must keep your strong health, both healthy body and rested mind, they are your first defense. Exercises regularly can help you to have a health body. To keep you fresh mind you should reduce your stress and sleep enough, a good sleep is not more than eight hours.

Wash up. The main way of the spread of flu virus is hand contact, so after visiting public places you should scrub your hands. Use hot water to scrub your hands vigorously in 15 seconds ( including between your fingers and the backs of your hands).

How To Prevent The Flu

Keep hydrated. There is a notoriously low humidity in enclosed places like offices, the protective mucous membranes in your nose may be dried. You should re-establish the moisture, it can trap and dispose of virus. Use an over-the-counter saltwater nasal spray to mist your nostrils. And don’t forget to drink 6 – 7 glasses of water everyday (8-ounce glass).

Keep your distance. A study showed that flu germs can be transmitted from 6 feet. You should keep a distance when talking to somebody who you know is sick. In this case, keep your health is more important than a polite. The farther away you are, the lower chance you will pick up the bug.

How To Prevent The Flu 2

Fortify yourself. Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis) contains proteins which can prevent viruses from entering cells. In a cold winter, taking 1 tablespoon of the extract twice a day will bring you a good result in preventing the flu.

Try homeopathy. The homeopathy was designed to work like a vaccine. There are minute amounts of the flu viruses in the homeopathic preparation Dolivaxil, and they are expected to be prevalent during the coming season. It can stimulate the immune system to mount a defense against flu viruses. In four weeks, taking Dolivaxil under the tongue once a week, then four weeks later take a fifth dose. The homeopathic remedy Oscillococcinum will help to stop the illness in early stages of it.

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