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How To Lose Weight Fast

Today, weight gaining is the obsession of many people, especially women. Losing weight fast and safe is the desire of a lot of people. The question is: How to lose weight fast and safely? It is sure that to lose weight, you will have to adjust your diet and exercise more. However, to lose weight fast, you will have to have strict discipline and force you to immediately change your lifestyle. It requires a determination of the will to adjust the diet and physical exercise.

The first is to change in diet

To lose weight fast, you need to change the diet which is making you gain weight. Eating too much fat and providing too much calories, while reducing the amount of fiber needed for the body which causes the body fat, you will accumulate fat daily. You need to change this bad habit, as follows:

Cut down the sugar. You do not need to remove all the meat and fat from the diet to lose weight immediately. If not, your body will be lack of carbohydrates that make you exhausted, tired and in a bad mood. Instead, let your body gradually decrease absorption of carbohydrates per day, beginning with the abandonment of sugar, honey, maple syrup, molasses, corn and potatoes. At the same time, you also need to limit sugary fruit.

Rapidly reducing diets that are rich in fat and calories should be done. Avoid foods high in calories or saturated fat such as fast food, processed meat, dairy products high in fat, fried foods, baked goods… The reduction in daily calorie consumption will help you lose weight more quickly. If you cut your total daily calories to 500 calories, then you can take up to 1kg and 4kg per week for a month. If you do not really understand the level of calories you need daily, you need to find out information in the media such as books, newspapers…

Drink much water or vegetable juice before eating. Drink fresh water instead of beverages such as carbonated soft drinks, sugary drinks, alcohol, sweet tea… Drink a glass of water before eating, which will reduce your appetite and increase satiety. If you feel that drinking water before meals boring, then use vegetable juices, fruit juice instead. For example, tomato juice, carrot, cabbage and pumpkin juice… are delicious.

You can combine your diet with healthy fat. You should not eat fats like butter or bacon. Just limit the amount of fat in a teaspoon or a tablespoon per meal. However, you should add fats from flax seeds, hemp seeds, almonds, avocados, coconut oil, coconut butter and egg whites. These foods reduce bad cholesterol and increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body. A moderate amount of fat is necessary for absorption of nutrients, increase metabolism and help you feel full longer.

lose weight fast

Increase fiber food. Studies have shown that fiber helps your digestion better, reduce weight and your appetite. So, if you intend to lose weight, increase the amount of fiber in the daily menu. Fiber is found in fresh vegetables and fruits … the best food sources for dietary, your weight loss. You should eat vegetables as 2 or 3 times as normally. And if possible, please make a diet with a vegetable one day a week. It not only helps you lose weight fast but also make your skin more beautiful.

Adding protein in every meal is good for your diet. Protein is the nutrient which enhances metabolism, stabilize blood sugar and improve mood. Protein is found in lean meats, poultry, fish, sugar-free yogurt, eggs, egg whites and tofu. Also, limit the leguminous plants because they contain a lot of starch.

Exercise more to lose weight fast

30 minute morning Exercise is very necessary. You just need do simple morning exercises. But it can help to burn fat 3 times higher than other time of the day. Exercise and listen to your favorite songs will stimulate or motivate you to perform exercises longer. Actually, listening music while exercising in a year will reduce weight as 2 times as the person do not listen to music.

Going to the gym every week is to help tone muscles, the process of metabolism better. It is important that you should strengthen the implementation of the action in the chest, buttocks and arm muscles, feet… You should do exercises in 3 consecutive days in a week or alternating days together.

Walking is good for your heart and lungs. Besides, it is also effective in burning calories. If you want to lose weight in a month, you should perform this exercise three times a week on alternating days with lessons at the gym. Just spend about 45 to 60 minutes of exercises such as running, biking, hiking, swimming, climbing stairs or jumping rope.

To lose weight fast, you should remember:

The safe weight loss is to make your body balance and help reduce fat and calories in a natural way and not affect your health. So you should not participate in the program with the promise of reducing more than 2-3 pounds per week and the advertisement of drugs that help reduce the tens of pounds per month. Although this can be achieved, the truth is cut to 1.050 to 1.200 calories per day is unscientific, because you need to lose weight but still strong muscles to be able to carry out activities in the normal life.

When you eat too few calories, you will lose the precious fat. This is the worst thing you can do because it slows your metabolism and makes it more difficult to increase fitness level or time. Unreliable Diet will make you fail because you will not be able to sustain it in the long run, you will not control your body. And you will finally be able to return back to the time when you started.

So even if the weight loss is essential and you want to make it in a short time you might have to comply with certain requirements to ensure it is secure. Thus, the results you achieve are long-term success and ensure you have good health.

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