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How To Have a Deep Sleep

Sleep is the product of the brain. According to experts, some people need to sleep 9:25 hours, but in average a person needs about 8 hours of sleep a day. Losing 90 minutes of sleep, you will be reduced by 32% consciousness in daytime. The expression of the common sleep disorders is just sleep in a short period of time, hard to sleep, difficult to maintain prolong sleep… Some studies indicate that there is a really close relationship between the importance of sleep and a number of neurological diseases. People with insomnia often pose a threat to the physical and mental depression, it is hazardous to health. For elderly people, if the disease lasts longer than a year, it would be easily for them to get stress. Normally, women get insomnia more than men. That is the reason why they may be sick or depressed or scared. At menopause, women tend to get the diseases five times as high as usual with symptoms accompanied by hot, irritability and apnea when sleeping.

Factors cause insomnia

Unreasonable everyday activities. Work hard and long hours and do not do exercises. All these can make the insomnia disease more seriously.

Use too much wine, beer, cigarette…

Affected by a number of drug categories which you are using to treat the disease

You are scared and worried too much about something.

Some other diseases can also affect: heart attack, respiratory diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure

For elderly people, it seems so normal that they often get insomnia and sad-temper. Besides, insomnia and mental crisis can cause nightmares for people who are always scared and worried.

Methods to have a deep sleep

How to have a deep sleep

Before sleeping, you should create quiet, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. You should not concentrate and deeply think too much about something.

Go straight on sleeping at once when you feel tired and relax.

You should have fully sunbath in daytime. In the morning, open the windows so that the sunlight can get your room. Daylight helps to make the brain awake, and create a habit of regularly useful reflections to sleep at night.

Do not use caffeine before bedtime. If necessary, using coffee, tea or other stimulants before 14 hours can make you awake even though it is time for a break.

Do not eat too late. Avoid big meals, you can have snacks instead. You need to eat at least an hour before bedtime. Otherwise it will be hard to go to sleep because your body is still working to do to digest food.

There are time regulations of sleeping and waking up. Every night, you should go to sleep right in a certain time to make your body familiar with the regular schedule, in order to know when your body will emit the signal to relax.

Create a regular habit of sleeping time. Take the relaxing activities every night before bed as listening to soothing music, a warm bath or a few leisure activities quietly. Your body will learn to coordinate with sleep easier.

Keep your bedroom dark and cool. Turn off all the lights, keep cool at room temperature about 20 degrees C. Cool temperature helps to relax mind and will fall asleep more easily.

Doing exercise will help you sleep deeper. Just 20-30 minute exercise a day will help you relieve stress and excess energy, the perpetrator makes you feel awake at night.

Noticeable issues

When not easy to go to sleep: You have many issues to think about. Try to focus on relaxing your entire body parts, each sequence for each part. Starting from the toes by pressing it again for 5 seconds and then relax. Do the same with the ankle and gradually up to scratch.

When you awake at night: Do something quiet like reading a book in about 20 minutes, then go back to sleep, because if you try to force yourself to sleep, it just makes you more stress, more difficult to sleep. If you are still awake, get up and start your new day. The next night you will fatigue sooner and easier falling asleep.

When you often snore all night: Use two pillows to support the neck and head. Or you can lie one side to breath easily. You can use the throat sprays to combat snoring. If these solutions do not help you solve the problem, the best way is to go to your doctor for more advice.

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