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Healthy Heart Tips

In the human lifetime, the heart beats around 3 billion times. It beats consecutively, nonstop in all lifetime. It sustains your life and provides oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body via the bloodstream. Therefore, keeping your heart strong is keeping your health. Following natural healthy heart tips below will boost your heart health and improve your overall wellness.

Exercise to support your ticker. Keeping exercise enough, faster and more is not better. We should exercise with lower-intensity exercise below our target heart rate. High stress and intensity exercises may develop scarring of the heart.

Rejuvenate in nature. We all know that stress is not good for our health, specially for heart. Improve heart health by connecting to nature, breathing deeply outdoors once a day or more. Having activities outside, sitting in the park or taking a hike will help you to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress hormones which will benefit your mood and health.

Connecting to loved ones. The heart originates emotions, love, intimacy, bonding and connection. Connecting to others will help you to keep a positive attitude which helps you to pass the stressful life. Spend more time to give and receive love with others, it is good for our heart.

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Eat heart-healthy foods. Some foods contain vitamins and minerals, fiber, omega-3, healthy fats and phytonutrients that are good for your heart. Here is a partial list of them: orange vegetables, broccoli, citrus, asparagus, spinach, tomatoes, blueberries, oatmeal, brown rice, raw almonds, pinto beans, ground flaxseed and salmon. Eat them more to keep your heart healthy.

Sleep enough. An enough sleep is about 8 hours. It is not good for both too much or too little sleep, they all increase risk for heart diseases. The sleep will wash away all negatives from the day before and we will have a fresh mind after getting up. There is true that after a good night’s sleep, we seem to be easier to work or solve our problems.

Play and laugh more. Laughing will help you to decrease stress. Some studies showed that laughter will bring you benefits of optimism that heal and fight off illness. The people who have happy life will have lower rates of heart disease than others who have less happiness in life. Keeping your life happier is keeping your heart stronger, and keeping your heart stronger is keeping your life happier.

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