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Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is a very important element to start a good day. It also contributes to help you improve health, ability to work and keep your beauty. Try these healthy breakfast ideas below to help you have an active day, healthier and more beautiful.

Healthy breakfast with quinoa

Quinoa is very rich in protein, it contains many essential amino acids. A bowl of quinoa for breakfast gives you many protein and minerals needed to strengthen the body’s health. You can add a banana or other fruit for healthy breakfast ideas with quinoa.

Yogurt and fruit

A simple and healthy breakfast with yogurt and fruit is a good idea and easy to process. Blend 1 cup of frozen fruit with 1 cup of yogurt. You can also add juice, milk or coconut milk if you like. This healthy breakfast idea also helps you keep in shape and keep your skin beauty.

Oatmeal for breakfast

Oatmeal are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, potassium and folate. Oats also contain beta-glucan which helps lower cholesterol if we eat regularly. Cook in 15 minutes then add a bit of honey to sweeten your bowl and sprinkle with nuts and fruit. You can add milk if you like its flavor.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy breakfast ideas with bananas

Bananas have the 8 essential amino acids that the human body is not self-created. They also contain up to 11 types of minerals and 6 vitamins that good for health. In addition, bananas are also good for people with hypertension because they are rich in potassium which is an electrolyte that helps lower blood pressure naturally. Simply eat 1 – 2 bananas in the morning or slice it up and add to oatmeal or cereal to sweeten naturally.

Avocado toast with egg

This simple breakfast will help you get enough protein to start a new day. All you need are 2 slices of whole-grain bread, smashed avocado, 2 eggs and a little salt. Toast bread lightly, top with avocado and salt, then sandwich 2 sunny-side-up eggs in between 2 slices of bread. If you like the pepper’s flavor, then sprinkle a little pepper on the eggs’ surface.

Egg and cheese

Try a breakfast with a new way: baking a whole egg with cheese and vegetables without the use of oil for frying. Make a pan of eggs and cheese earlier in the week then eat them several days in week. You can use them even for on-the-go snacking.

Healthy breakfast ideas with strawberries

Berries are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, folic acid and fiber. Like blueberries, strawberries are a good source of anthocyanins. A study said that women ate more than three servings of strawberries or blueberries each week will have lower risk of heart attack over 18 year period.

Healthy breakfast with raspberries

These summer fruits are very rich in fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K, which helps keep bones strong. They are also the source of ellagitannins, which is an antioxidant that has cancer-fighting properties. You can add them to cereal, yogurt or blend them into a smoothie and drink in the morning.

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