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Health Benefits Of Raisins

All kinds of raisins as golden, green or black are the favor of everyone, especially young children. Raisins are widely used in cooking throughout the world, especially desserts, and they are often carried as small snack, nutritious for mountaineering, backpacking travellers. However, it’s not true that everyone knows about the health benefits of raisins. In fact, the health benefits and nutritional value of raisins is more than we think. Let’s learn about the health benefits of raisins for our lives.

Some health benefits of raisins

Digestive Support. The dried fiber of raisins in the digestion will be bulging under the effect of the natural fluids in the body. Therefore, it supplies a large amount of fiber in the digestive system and then helps food move easily in the digestive system, so it helps reduce constipation.

Weight Gain. Raisins are good for gaining weight in a healthy manner, due to the amount of fructose and glucose cornucopia filled with energy. Raisins are one of the ideal components in the diet of athletes or athletes who need to strengthen energy, or those who want to gain weight without accumulating bad cholesterol.

Cancer Prevention. Raisins have high levels of catechins, polyphenolic antioxidants in the blood. These substances help to clean up the free radicals floating and destruction of cells, organ systems in the body, so they can help to prevent cancer formation, slow the development of cancer.


Hypertension. Experts believe that the high potassium content in raisins can reduce the stress of the blood vessels and lower blood pressure, the fiber found in grapes is also thought to affect biochemical blood vessels and reduce the hard blood vessels, thereby reduce blood pressure.

Diabetes. In many studies, raisins can be demonstrated that they can help to reduce postprandial insulin response, which means that after each meal, raisins may help to reduce insulin levels which can be harmful for diabetic patients.

Anemia. Raisins contain significant amounts of iron, direct support for anemia. Raisins also contain many kinds of B vitamins, which are essential for the formation of new blood. High copper content in raisins also helps to form red blood cells.

Fever. Phyto-nutrients as phenolic known with antioxidant function, antiseptic and antibiotic are very abundant nutrients in raisins which may help us to treat fever caused by a virus or bacteria.

Eye Care. Raisins contain polyphenolic phyto-nutrients with antioxidant function are good for your eye health. They protect the eyes from the bad effects of free radicals (oxidants) in the form of macular degeneration, poor eyesight due to age and cataract.

Acidosis. Acidosis is a state of increasing acidity in the blood (also called “blood poisoning”) or increasing acid in the respiratory system. Acid source for these two states is from the stomach. Raisins provide magnesium and potassium – two common and effective ingredients in neutralizing acids, and thus they can help us to controll acidosis and other related diseases.

Sexual Dysfunction. Raisins has long been known for its ability to stimulate sexual desire and arousal causes, mainly due to the amino acid called arginine, which is effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In India, people often cooked milk with raisins and a little saffron for the bride and groom to drink in wedding night.

Good for bones. Calcium, a major component of our bones is rich in raisins, and these dried fruits are also a source of Bo, a micronutrient which is essential for bone formation and Calcium absorption. Bo is particularly useful in preventing osteoporosis in menopausal women, and proved to be very beneficial to bones and joints.

Oral Care. Oleanolic acid, a plant chemical in raisins, plays an important role in protecting teeth from cavities, holes and teeth fragile. In addition, raisins are rich in calcium which can improve dental health, prevent breakage or peel enamel, make the teeth stronger. It sounds strange that when you eat raisins, you should let grapes stick in your tooth as long as possible, because they ensure the long contact of Oleanolic acid with the teeth.This will improve the ability to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Notes about the health benefits of raisins

With the health benefits of raisins listed above, raisins are really a good kind of healthy food for our health. However, eating too many raisins is not recommended because it can bring some damage to our health. Risks from eating too many raisins may encounter: Raisins have too high calories, you may gain weight quickly if you’re not careful. Raisins also have high triglyceride levels because of much fructose (triglyceride is a subproduct when the body metabolize fructose). High triglyceride levels may increase the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and fatty liver cancers. If you have any diseases like those, be careful when adding raisins in your diet.

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