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Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea is a very popular drink in many parts of the world. It is not only an effective beverage, but green tea is also known as a healthy food. Many health benefits of green tea have been studied and proven.

People believe that green tea is the best beverage for drinking and it has plenty of nutrients and peroxides that provide powerful energy to the body. By drinking green tea, it improves function of the brain, reduces the risk of cancer, and plays a main role in fat loss. The green leaves contains flavonoids and catechins, they support as effective antioxidants. They block the free radicals and protect molecules and cells because free radical is the main reason to function in aging and brings all types of diseases.

What are the health benefits of green tea?

Green tea has powerful medicinal compound, antioxidant is one of the main compounds that prevent different diseases. It has many minerals that are very important for health. Green tea can make you active for the whole day the perfect ingredient in green tea is caffeine which respond without jittery. It stops the produce of adenosine.

Green tea helps to lower cholesterol

Green tea is an excellent product to reduce cholesterol level and it increases HDL that is good cholesterol in people. Many researchers have proved that people who drink green tea have less cholesterol than people who do not drink green tea. The polyphenols in green tea is the main substance that blocks the cholesterol from intestine and it helps the body to relieve from cholesterol. Some people smoke constantly and they do not know how to reduce the cholesterol. When they drink green tea, the harmful LDL cholesterol reduces rapidly.

Health benefits of green tea

Cancer fighting food

Green tea plays as major role in protecting against cancer. Most of the people in Japan have green tea regularly so the cancer rate tends to be very low in this country. Green tea contains polyphenols that kills the cancerous cell and block the harmful cells from growing further. There are many types of cancer that spread in human body, green tea can protect against various cancers. People who consume green tea can prevent different types of cancers such as, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and bladder cancer.

People who consume green tea do not have bladder cancer. Scientists have proved that people with bladder cancer who drank green tea had better five years healthy and survival rate when compared with others who did not drink green tea. So people with cancer should always consult doctor before taking green tea with their medicine.

The polyphenols in green tea stop the growth of breast cancer cells. Women who drink green tea will reduce the risk of breast cancer. Particularly premenopausal women in beginning stage of breast cancer can prevent spreading when they consume green tea.

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Green tea assists people to reduce inflammation collaborated with disease and ulcerative colitis. The high risk of cancer is inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer. Only green tea has the solution to prevent and fight against these diseases.

Green tea is good drink for diabetes

A lot of people across the world are suffering from diabetes and they are very curious to know and find good product to control their sugar levels but green tea is used traditionally for years. Green tea aids to prevent the development of diabetes type one and reduce the progression when it is developed. People who are in the stage of diabetes type one do not have to take insulin so green tea helps to convert glucose into energy. It also helps to regulate glucose in the body. When you take green tea, it extracts and reduces hemoglobin A1C level in the body.

Liver disease

Green tea is very useful product for liver disease it protects the liver from many damages and effects of alcohol and toxic substances. When you consume green tea everyday, you can reduce the risk of developing liver problems. Green tea is the best solution that fights against liver tumors. Plant chemicals in green tea aid to treat viral hepatitis so a huge amount of plant chemicals are used. You can take upto five cups of green tea to avoid liver disease.

Metabolism booting effects

Green tea is good for thermo genic effects that help your body burn calories. 90mg doses of green tea extract can cause 266 additional calories that could burn every day. If you want to avoid caffeine and need more powerful source of green tea, you can try green tea extract so that it can benefit your health in various ways.

Green tea helps to improve immune system

Green tea boosts the immune to function so you can use the tea directly to burns, sunburns and cuts. Because of the antimicrobial action when you drink green tea as an extract, it boosts your immune function. The green tea plant or camellia plant is very popular among people and it is known as antibacterial and antiviral.

Blood pressure and blood sugar

Polyphenols in green tea helps to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar. Green tea is a powerful beverage and it protects your DNA from damage that happens from chemicals and radiation. In our modern day world we are exposed to more and more chemicals so green tea is the best option to choose and it can be very useful for us.

Green tea helps in weight loss

If you are trying to reduce your weight, consuming green tea is the best way and it is an excellent weight loss contributor for most of the people. Green tea plays a vital role in the supplement products it boosts the metabolic rate and functions on fat burning. It can improve the human’s performance since it has caffeine. People who are overweight and obese can take green tea to lose weight. The reality is there are many surprising benefits from green tea so it can make wonders in just one cup. Green tea is proven a weight loss product. It has more advantages than no other diet plans have, it is natural and has no side effects.

Green tea helps to boost eyesight

People believe that only carrots is the food that improves eyesight but green tea is a new substance to promote good eyesight because the antioxidants in green tea can interact with tissues of the eye and operates antioxidant activity. Cornea is the least absorption area of Cate chins in promoting eyesight.

Health benefits of green tea 2

Some people have deficiency in vitamins and minerals that leads to block the functions of brain so they will have to take some herbs to improve the flow of blood to the brain but they cannot find any improvement until they take balanced vitamin and mineral so green tea would be the best choice if they take. Free radicals are the most dangerous molecules in human’s body, they have free electrons and they are unpaired. When green tea is consumed these unpaired radicals do not like to stay in the body so they will be disappeared. Free radicals are basement of cancer. Green tea has vitamin C that is a potent antioxidant which is medicinal to fight cancer. Antioxidants in green tea neutralize free radicals by providing them their missing pair of electrons. Many researches have proved that the antioxidant effects is more powerful than vitamin C so there is no doubt that the health benefits of green tea will collaborate and work in prevention of various variety of cancers. Green tea increases mental thinking and alertness and includes weight loss and solves stomach disorders, diarrhea, vomiting, bone loss, and headaches. Do not confuse oolong tea or black tea with green tea because these both are grown in the same plant leaves that are used for green tea but they are produced differently for various medicinal effects.

Grean tea is also a great drink for healthy breakfast. If you are not a fan of coffee, you should have a cup of green tea after breakfast. Some researches suggest 3 – 5 cups of green tea a day for health. It helps the body excrete toxins, slow down the aging process, reduce stress and lower blood pressure of hypertensive patients. However, please take notes: do not drink green tea when you are hungry and absolutely do not drink green tea while using medical pharmacy.

Beside the health benefits, grean tea also has many beauty benefits. Read on: Beauty Benefits Of Green Tea

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