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Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Maintaining a good health in order to prevent ourselves from the innumerable number of diseases and conditions that are surfacing these days is the need of hour. If we are neglecting any of the measures to stay fit or if we are not following any healthy diet plans, we will be at the high risk of contracting some serious health problems that includes heart diseases, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, and certain types of cancers. And, in order to stay safe from all of these troubling conditions, maintaining our health in a good way comes into rescue. There are many sources for getting good or essential form of nutrients to our body, but not all are liked by everyone. Eventually nothing great also comes fully accomplished. To the contrary, we have the dark chocolates which provide innumerable number of health benefits to us. Getting sweet news in the form of sweets can’t get any better than this. Let us see what these incredible dark chocolates behold that makes us healthy in the easiest way.

Health benefits of dark chocolate

These dark chocolates are made from the seeds available from the tree called cocoa, which are found to be the best antioxidant sources in the world. Always prefer dark chocolates with the high cocoa content in order to get use of all the essential minerals and nutrients. For example, a gram of dark chocolate consists of about 11 grams of fiber and also 67, 58, 89, 98 percentages of the RDA for Iron, Magnesium, Copper, and Manganese respectively. Added to these they also contain plenty of potassium, phosphorous, zinc and selenium. The fatty acid content of the cocoa and the dark chocolate is found to be of good numbers and also they are mostly saturated and monounsaturated with addition of small amounts of polyunsaturates.

benefits of dark chocolate

Since it contains a number of essential nutrients they also serve for a number of purposes. Let us start from the top of the body, the Brain. They help our body to increase its blood flow to the brain thereby improving cognitive function. Most of our daily life activities gain our full cooperation only depending upon the mood in which we indulge in. A positive one eventually gives us a positive output and for which these dark chocolates greatly help us with. They contain a chemical compound called the phenyl ethyl amine (PEA), which is the same chemical that our brain creates while we intend to fall in love, which in every way makes us a lot happier.

And followed by the brain is the heart to which a greater benefit is addressed to. Similar to the flavonoids which acts as an compound that acts as an antioxidant found in tea, the health benefits of dark chocolate also serves purpose in the same path, which protects the cells from harmful molecules which are named to as the free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for the cell damages which directly lead to the heart diseases. Also these antioxidants are responsible for the lowering of blood pressure and the bad cholesterol by a sizable margin.

The big cause that leads to get heart diseases is by contracting with the type 2 diabetes which is also been controlled by these dark chocolates which with the help of the antioxidants helping in raising the efficiency of the body’s insulin. In addition to all these who will refuse to take advantage of the extra health benefits of these dark chocolates? Yes, pushing the other creams and lotions on the downside, these dark chocolates gained the limelight of protecting our skin from the harmful damages that are caused by the sun. They serve this purpose by improving the blood flow to the skin and thereby steadily increasing the density of the skin and also assisting in the process of hydrating our skin.

Health benefits of dark chocolate

It’s also been found from the studies that the dark chocolates tend to cause a sense of content, in eating, which helps in not gathering weight for the ones that are presuming their weight loss goals. And yes the health benefits of dark chocolate are to such an extent that they even taste good, make us stress free, and make us remain healthy. Nothing more of any compelling reasons are thereby needed to make us crunch these delicious chocolates.

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