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Habits Can Cause Rapid Ageing In Women

There are many women that look very young and beautiful for their age and conversely, many women who look older than their age. Lack of sleep, stress and some bad habits easily accelerate the aging process, causing rapid ageing women. Here are a few of the habits that can make you age faster, look older and prevent you keeping your beautiful and young appearance. Let’s explore with Natural Health – Natural Beauty.

Sudden weight loss

Loosing fat from the face easily make your skin sagging and wrinkled. Especially, if it’s a sudden weight loss, your skin can not adapt, the sagging skin making you appear older. Therefore, you should have a diet and take appropriate exercise to adjust the weight gradually. Eating more fruits and vegetables can make your face look more youthful.

Rubbing eyes

The skin around the eyes are often vulnerable. The habit of rubbing eyes is prone to creating dark circles. You should avoid this, use a hand towel instead. If you have regular eye irritation, you should seek a doctor for treatment.

 Habits Can Cause Rapid Ageing In Women


While asleep, the skin has the ability to regenerate cells and helps recover better. Lack of sleep means the skin regeneration is not done, the skin vulnerable to black and dark circles which appear around the eyes . This will accelerate the aging process. Therefore, you should ensure during night time you have about 7-8 hours sleep. Before bed, turn off the computer, television 1 hour before to avoid insomnia. You may drift gently to sleep.

Sleeping on one side

This is not a good position and can make the skin more prone to becoming saggy and wrinkled in appearance. Any sleeping position which is similar every night can have the same affect. You should change your position every day to protect the skin.

Drinking not enough water

Drinking 2 litres of water every day not only helps you to eradicate disease, but also helps prevent the aging process. So you should make sure to drink enough water. Also you should not regularly drink through a straw. This easily creates wrinkles around the corners of the mouth.

Regular tension and stress

Prolonged stress can easily cause wrinkles and accelerate the ageing process, in addition, the internal organs activity is also declined. You should look for ways to reduce stress, fatigue, such as regular exercise, deep breathing, combined with a comfortable lifestyle, fun, ignore irrelevant things.


No sunscreen

Sunscreen helps minimize the impact of harmful rays of the sun on the skin. Failure to wear sunscreen causes rapid skin damage. Therefore, you should choose appropriate sunscreens to help keep a more youthful skin.

Also you should not overdo the makeup. A thin layer of makeup will help you feel more fresh and not damaged your skin. Do not forget to remove make-up before going to bed.

Paying attention to the wrinkles

These wrinkles make you look older. However, in addition to wrinkles, black and blue marks on the skin may appear and also make you look older. Much of the pigmentation and discoloration can be removed using different methods and help your skin look rosy and fresh.

Using strong cleaning soap

Many soaps have strong cleaning ability, frequent use makes the skin dry and vulnerable, which is easy to spot. Therefore, you should select the appropriate soap for your skin. Along with that, you should use a natural face cleanser to help your skin stay more healthy.

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