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Fasting to Reset Immune System

There has always been controversy about diet, which more and more studies are more serious about dieting and have more supporting ideas that diet is going to work well. Recently, scientists at the University of Southern California have conducted studies on the subject of fasting to reset immune system seriously and they have concluded firmly that keeping a vegetarian diet for 3 days can restart the entire immune system and enhance it to work better. Yes, because of those 3 days, it will stimulate stem cells to produce more white blood cells.

White blood cells are essential for the function of the immune system, which helps the body fight against infection and diseases. Studies have shown that a vegetarian diet will help rejuvenate the natural defense mechanism of the body with low immune function, and even the elderly can also benefit from institutional three days of fasting. Fasting for 72 hours to stimulate the immune system to reconstruct the body in a natural way and allow the stem cells to produce new white blood cells healthier and more effective.

There are many similar studies which have also shown that if fasting is prolonged, it will have more benefits for our body. Because it will help to strengthen the function of stem cells and make them recover faster. The mechanism of this action is interpreted as follows: when you reduce the volume of food which is rich in protein and fat, the natural defense mechanisms of the body will switch to energy-saving activities. It started to recycle the old cells of the immune system and eliminate those impaired cells in order to replace them with healthy new cells. This means along with supplies of fat and glucose, a great deal of your body’s supply of white blood cells is broken down. It is the reason why fasting can help to lose weight.

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Besides the ability to improve the immune system, a 3-day vegetarian diet also brings many other benefits such as inhibiting the secretion of enzymes responsible for the aging process, reducing risk of developing tumors and reducing developing a cancer in the future. The experiment also showed that a vegetarian diet is especially helpful for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The clinical trials on a cohort of patients are required fasting 3 days before their chemotherapy, the obtained results are very positive. Being a vegetarian helps to alleviate some of the harmful effects on the immune system and reduce toxicity in the body as well.

To sum it all up, fasting diet confirms its enormous benefits for human health. Fasting diet not only helps in the treatment of cancer, but it also may prevent cancer from the first place. A body with healthy immune systems will make an important contribution to a healthy lifestyle, because the immune system is a natural defense mechanism of the body as a shield against the intrusion of the disease, the infection with viruses and bacteria. A three-day vegetarian diet also brings effects equivalent nutritional supplements for the immune system which are sold in the market. More specifically, it will create an impact on the body to naturally renew your body and reinvent itself without helping from outside. Improving the health of the body naturally is a solid, sustainable and long-term effect most.

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