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Fastest Ways To Relieve Stress

How can you actually restore yourself in the simplest and the most efficient way each day? Do not do anything but to sit on your couch. These are the relaxing and peaceful moments during the day, which helps reduce stress levels. Here are some easy ways to relieve stress you should use to get better mood immediately. Let’s explore with Natural Health – Natural Beauty.

Pay attention to observe thoroughly small objects

Take a moment to look at something close to you and really pay attention to details such as its color, texture, shape and design. Discover the hidden sides of the staplers, your favourite pens, the paintings on the wall, or the shells in your desk drawer. Meanwhile, your mind is no longer totally dominated by the feeling of tension.

Dreamy look out of the window

Put aside work or studying to look out of the window for a few minutes. Begin to take a deep breath and exhale slowly, then to let the look wander in searching. Pay attention to what is happening in the outside world. Feel how your body relaxes when you dismiss the thought out of your mind. Daydreaming can not only help you relax, but also boost your creativity.

 fastest ways to relieve stress

Pat your body

Use the knuckles to gently pat on your body. Attentively focus on your feelings, start from the feet and move up from the calf to the thigh, then gently pat along the body to the arms and then use your fingers to gently pat the face. When you redirect your attention to the physical sensation, you may notice that the thought tensions subside. Gently pat the body is considered to be a great method to help you reduce fatigue and revive your energy.

Freely draw

Put the pen on the paper and unleash yourself to imagine. Drawing freely is another way to jumpstart creativity, allow the left brain to rest and right brain to be awakened.

Close your eyes and listen

Listen to the sounds around you. Close your eyes and guess which sounds you hear such as dogs barking, honking, copiers, colleagues chatting, raining … You should forget the stressful thoughts and soak up the present moment.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a wonderful holiday

Take a moment to think about the great trip in the past or envision a great destination you’ve always wanted to visit, then recur favorite places to details, such as the temperature, the scenery, the sound, the flavors … It’s the way that your body responds to the pleasant thoughts. Relax as if you were really there, and then took a deep breath.

 fastest ways to relieve stress 2

Close your eyes and breathe

Breathing exercises are very useful for health, but we rarely know how to utilize their potential. Among many breathing exercises, breathing methods of Dr. Andrew Weil 4-7-8 are really effective. Please inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds and then exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds, make sure you will feel very comfortable.

Close your eyes and scan your body

Start from the top and slowly scan your body down. Meanwhile, imagine the warmth spreads from the top down to the neck, the shoulder, down the arms, torso, legs and move out through your feet. Even close your eyes, you still perceive and feel the life pervades through your limbs. This is a classic relaxation technique to help you reconnect with your body and relieve the stress inside.

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