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Effective Weight Loss With Lemons

Lemon is good for both health and beauty, it contains a lot of vitamin C, this vitamin is good for the physique and protection against infections like colds and flu. With just a few simple tips, by using lemons, you can keep your body looking slim. Here are the tips that Natural Health – Natural Beauty want to introduce to you.

Drink before breakfast

Every morning just drink 2 teaspoons of lemon juice in a full glass of water, this lemon juice drink will reduce the absorption of fat, which is very good for weight loss. Remember, don’t drink too much lemon juice as it will not be good for your stomach. And you have to eat breakfast immediately after drinking.

Drink throughout the day

Lemon has a high acid content which should be effective in reducing the absorption of sugar from food into the body. Therefore, if we drink lemon juice regular this will be effective in helping with both weight loss and keeping fit. You can dilute the lemon juice with water (or warm water as well) and use as a daily supplement, it is effective in quenching your thirst, strengthening the immune system, helping with the digestive system and can have a great effect in weight reduction.

Effective Weight Loss With Lemons

Eating sliced lemon

You can choose to buy fresh lemons, washed with brine, then thinly sliced (leave the peel on), add some sugar and salt and then mix gently to together so it absorbs into the lemon, then suck after a meal. If you eat lemons like this, it will good for weight loss because the lemon peel also contains an ingredient called pectin which helps us maintain a healthy weight. Also, this way of eating also helps us to treat coughs, and protect against colds and flu. It is affective regardless of the season and weather.

Drinking salt-lemon

Salt-lemon is a drink quite familiar to many people. This is not just a beverage for cooling you down but it also works to purify the body, promote metabolism, provide good benefits for intestinal bacteria and to minimize the amount of fat that is absorbed from certain types of food. Note that when you use lemons the peel should be chewed properly and use just a little sugar if you want to lose weight.

Weight Loss With Lemons

Reducing fat by doing belly massage

Tell you a good tip, in the evening before bedtime, you can learn how to massage your belly with lemon juice. Apply pure lemon juice on hands and then rub around the abdominal area to heat up, doing this for 10 minutes every day will help reduce belly fat effectively. Lemon juice will also make the skin around the abdomen smooth and shiny .

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