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Eating Habits Help To Live Longer And Healthier

Scientists analyzed the diets of 150 people who have lived for the longest time on the planet and drawn up 14 of their eating habits which has lead to them having a long and healthy life. Here are their healthy eating habits that Natural Health – Natural Beauty want to introduce to you.

95% of food is derived from plants

Whole or refined grains and beans are always a large proportion of the diet for those who live longer. They eat various seasonal vegetables, fresh or dried fruit. The best foods to help you live longer are green leafy vegetables. One study showed that in middle age, those who eat a bowl of cooked green vegetables each day, reduced the risk of dying in the next four years by half compared with people who do not eat vegetables.

Do not eat meat more than twice a week

Most families in the area have many centenarians who eat very little meat. Therefore, you should eat meat no more than 8 times a month and each meal should be below 60g. Eating chicken, lamb or beef should be your priority. The trick to living a long life is to eat the meat of animals that eat grass or natural grazing – as they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Eating fish daily

A research has been tracking 96,000 Americans from 2002 which has indicated that people who eat more fruit, vegetables and fish and in particular ate a variety of small and medium-sized fish like sardines, anchovies, cod – which do not contain mercury and other chemicals will have a longer life. You should eat about 90g of fish every day.

Low fat milk

The human digestive system is not fully consistent with cow milk because it is often high in fat and sugar. People living in the blue zone often seek sources of calcium from plants. For example, a bowl of cooked kale provides you with an amount of calcium similar to a glass of milk. The milk that is produced from sheep and goats, such as yogurt and cheese are very popular in the diet of people living in Ikaria and Sardinia.

Eating Habits Help To Live Longer And Healthier

Eat 3 eggs per week

In the blue zone, people usually eat just one egg at each meal. The people in Nicoya eat fried egg with corn bread and people in Okinawans eat boiled eggs in soup. You can try to eat a healthy breakfast with an egg and fruit or foods of plant origin such as porridge or whole grain bread. When baking, you can use ΒΌ bowl of apple sauce, 1/4 bowl of mashed potatoes or a small banana served with an egg.

Eating half a bowl of cooked beans each day

Beans are a favorite food of many people in the blue zone region, black beans are popular in Nicoya whilst soy is popular in Okinawa and lentils, white beans in the Mediterranean. The beans contain 21% of protein, 77% of complex carbohydrates and a little fat. They are also rich in fiber and other nutrients which is more than in other foods. These people usually live longer because they eat at least half bowl of cooked beans a day, this amount is enough to provide all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Select either wheat or sourdough bread

In 3 of the 5 regions have people who live long lives and the bread they eat is an important food in helping towards this. However, it should be noted that this type of bread is different from most of those you consume daily. For example the bread in Ikaria and Sardinia is made from 100% whole grain, which is rich in fiber and nutrients.

A traditional type of bread is also preferred, that kind is made by bacterial fermentation to “digest” the starches and gluten to making bread rise. This process creates an acid that makes you feel sour taste in mouth.

Reducing your consumption of sugar

One of the important secrets of centenarians over 100 is that the sugar consumption is only 1/5 of what they eat. They often add honey to a cup of tea instead of sugar and rarely have a sugary snack. Therefore, you should not exceed 4 teaspoons of sugar each day in drinks and your food. You should only eat biscuits, sweets and other sugary snacks… a few times a week and avoid processed foods which have many sweeteners in them, especially when the sugar is one of the first 5 ingredients.

Eat nuts daily

A 30-year research by Harvard indicates that people who regularly eat nuts have a 20% reduced mortality rate compared with people who do not eat them. Other researches also show that a diet with nuts as part of it will help lower bad cholesterol by up to 20%.

Make the most of food

In the blue zone area, people eat the yolks of eggs and drink fruit juice and do not take food supplements but they do take advantage of most of the food grown locally. They steer clear of products with long lists of ingredients, but instead go to the market as often as possible. The scientists also showed that pure food is better for human consumption.

Drink plenty of water

Scientists advised that 7 glasses of water should be drunk each day. Many studies have shown that drinking this amount of water helps to reduce the risk of blood clots. However you should not drink water containing sugar or artificial sweeteners.

If you drink wine, choose red wines

People in the blue zone drink 1-3 glasses per day. Red wine helps the body absorb antioxidants derived from plants better. You can also drink a little red wine at the end of the day to reduce stress.

Drink tea

People in Okinawa always drink green tea. It has been proven that this drink is effective in reducing the risk of heart disease and some cancers. People from Ikaria who drink Rosmary beer, wild sage and dandelion which are herbs which contain many substances that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Combining food

Are you worried your body does not have enough protein while eating only vegetables? The trick is to combine the beans, nuts, grains and vegetables which supply the amino acids necessary for the body. You can add a little cooked cauliflower, carrot and red peppers with lima beans…

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