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Easy And Effective Weight Loss Smoothies

The smoothie is just the thick liquid that was obtained by the mixture of raw fruits and vegetables along with some water and sweeteners. Smoothies are the best weight loosing recipe especially when people had it for breakfast. It will just increase your metabolism and boost up your energy. There is no need for consuming any other foods until lunch since it will keeps your stomach full. You can replace the meals with your favourable smoothies with the added benefit of weight loss. The smoothies are the great weight loss ingredient since it consists of very low calories. Smoothies are the friendliest means of breakfast where everyone loves to have it.

Make sure that the calories you are in taking gives you the necessary amount of nutrition. If you are able to prepare the weight loss smoothies at your home then prefer the good nutrition rich fruits for preparing the smoothies for diet. Just avoid adding chocolate, brownies and ice cream to the smoothies since these are rich in fat. The researches and studies show that the smoothies will reduce the weight thrice than the normal regular food. Cut your favourite fruit to make it as smoothies by adding any of the below ingredients to boost up your health.

Ingredients to add for weight loss smoothies


The berries are rich in fibre and act as anti oxidant to the body. The berries are of many types such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry etc. The flavour can be added to the smoothies instead of sugar.

Cayenne pepper

The cayenne pepper is the great ingredient that adds taste to your smoothies. The capsaicin is the compound present in the pepper that highly reduces the content of fats and carbohydrates.

Chia seeds

The Chia seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, carbohydrates etc. They are also good in absorbing the toxic substances from the stomach. Just prefer the chia gel since it is the best creamy layer for your smoothies and also it makes the digestion easy.

Herbal tea

Many smoothies are in need of dairy products for the apt consistency. Instead of that try to use the herbal tea since it is rich in nutrients. But the diary products just increase the fat level. The ice can be added to intake the chill smoothies.


The stevia is the natural sweetener obtained from the plant that adds sweetness to your smoothies. Instead of artificial sweetener the natural sweetener can be used for the welfare of the health.

Fibre content

The pulp that is extracted after the fruit juice is rich in fibre content. Instead of throwing those extract those can be added in the smoothies to obtain the fibre content.

Skimmed milk powder

The skimmed powder is free from all the calories and fat. It can be added with smoothies to produce the creamy layer. Some people will love to have smoothies only if it contains dairy products. They can make use of the skimmed powder or milk.

weight loss smoothies

Ingredients to avoid while preparing weight loss smoothies

Artificial sweeteners

Probably the artificial sweeteners may contain lot of sugars. The sugar will add a lot of calories to the body which will results in risky weight reduction.

Canned fruits or vegetables

There are no other ingredients to beat the natural fruits. Fresh vegetables and fruits can be used for smoothies. But canned fruits may contain huge quantities of sweeteners and calorie content.

Dairy products

The ice creams, milk and frozen yogurt may contain large amount of calories. It’s good to avoid most of the dairy products.

These are some of the ingredients that should be avoided while in taking smoothies as your diet.

weight loss smoothies 2

Fat free smoothie recipes

Sweet spinach smoothie

The spinach recipe includes the single cup of spinach, one ripe chopped pear, 15 red grapes, one chopped avocado, 2 spoons of Greek yogurt and fresh lime juice. Blend all the items in order to produce the smoothies.

Tropical smoothie

It contains the mixture of 1 banana, 1 flaxseed, Greek yogurt, half a cup of fresh mangoes and chopped pineapple. Blend it by using blender to obtain the tasty smoothie.

Berry banana smoothie

Bananas, ¼ of cayenne pepper, 1 spoon of gelatine, coconut oil, 1 cup of berries and water to make banana smoothie. Initially mix and blend the berries and bananas to make it smooth. Later add other ingredients to finish the tasty smoothie.

Peanut butter banana smoothie

Take ½ bananas, ½ cup of skimmed milk, 1 spoon of peanut butter and protein powder to peanut smoothie. Add the ice cube as per your chillness you need. Initially blend the banana followed by peanut butter, protein powder. The final stage is to add ice cubes.

Mocha smoothie

Take 8 ounces of skimmed milk, 2 spoons of protein mix, 1 spoon of decaffeinated coffee powder and mix it to get tastiest smoothie. Ice can be added for desired chillness of smoothie.

Mango smoothie

The yummy mango smoothie can be made just by blending fat free vanilla yogurt, ½ cup of sliced avocado, ½ cup of chopped mango slices and a glass of mango juice. As usual ice cubes can be added to raise the chillness of the smoothie.

Strawberry smoothie

Love strawberries? It’s the excellent ingredients to be added for smoothies. Just mix the unsweetened strawberries with a glass of skimmed milk. Flax seed oil can be added to the smoothie. Blend all the ingredients and the smoothie will definitely result in supper doper taste.

Peach smoothie

Preparing peach smoothie is almost similar to that of preparing the strawberry smoothie. Mix the peach with the glass of skimmed milk and the flax oil has to be added.

These are some of the weight loss smoothies that can be in take to lose weight. One may find the difference after the continuous intake of smoothies.

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