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Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Cardiovascular disease killed 17.5 million people in 2012 – accounting for 30% of deaths and it is considered the world’s most harmful disease to people. If your family has ever had people with cardiovascular disease, you are at risk for this disease much higher. However, you can absolutely stabilize the heart rate by having a healthy lifestyle, and eating.

Here are some simple changes that you can do right from today to reduce the risk of heart disease in the future.

Notice when eating fat foods

Maybe you’ve heard the advice as removing saturated fats and replace with unsaturated fats. This is a diet rich in saturated fat, which is thought to be able to lead to bad cholesterol levels in the blood rises, which can lead to narrow of the arteries and heart attacks.

However, now there is some controversy over whether the changes on this diet can create many differences relating to risk of the heart disease or not.

A recent overview of studies found no evidence that the restriction of saturated fat and the increase of consumption of polyunsaturated fats may reduce the risk of developing heart diseases. Although it is not encouraged to use foods like fry fat, pastries, potato chips and other processed foods…, health experts believe that eating foods such as a small amount of butter, cheese and cream can not harm us.

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Keep the waist-hip ratio at an acceptable level

As you know, heart diseases and body weight have been linked clearly. People who are obese, or overweight are not only at risk for type-2 diabetes, but also increases the risk of developing heart diseases and many other diseases. The bigger your waistline is increasing, the higher risk you get.

To calculate waist-hip ratio, divide your waist measurement to the hip measurement. This ratio is higher (0.85 or higher), it means that you are at high risk for health problems such as heart diseases, hypertension or diabetes… even when you are not overweight .

To reduce this risk, besides eating healthy foods, you need to have a fitness regime, regular and appropriate exercise.

Avoid eating red meat

Reduce consumption of red meat in the diet as recommended by many health research will be helpful for you to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Studies have shown that eating large amounts of red meat may increase heart failure by up to 24%.

However, some recent evidence suggests that this is more related to the processed red meat (sausage, bacon…). The researchers calculated that for every 50g of processed meat eaten per day (about one or two slices of bread hambeger) may increase the risk of heart failure by 8% and the risk of death by 38%.

Avoid consuming more salt

According to The British Heart Foundation, the consumption of too much salt can clearly increases blood pressure and increase the risk of heart diseases later. The organization also made recommendations that adults should consume less than 6 grams (1 teaspoon) of salt a day.

Cutting down salt intake does not just mean reducing the amount of salt when cooking, but also means that you should pay attention to the consumption of processed foods – the foods contain a lot of salt.

Say no to sugar

A large population study in the US showed that those who consumed more than 25% of their daily calories from sugar consumption are at risk of dying from heart diseases 3 times as high as those who consumed sugar less than 10% of calories. This result was independent on other risk factors, including the body weight.

More and more evidences show that consuming too much sugar increases the risk of obesity and diabetes, while it does not provide any nutrients. Therefore, the reduction in sugar consumption is essential.

Reduce stress

Stress is one of the factors that has a strong impact on the cardiovascular health. Stress hormone cortisol can generate and increase unhealthy fat in the abdomen, which increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. As tension, stress, you crave foods high in fat and sugar more. This will make your heart condition worse. So getting rid of stress is essential.

You can reduce stress by simply doing your favourite things as listening to music, relaxation, yoga, meditate or doing what you like.

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