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Best Vitamins For Hair Growth

Hair is a major thing when beauty is concerned for both men and women. But taking good care of hair is somewhat a tedious task in today’s life. Many do a lot styling to their hair to appear in glowing way. But they forget to realize the fact that natural intake of foods is the root cause for the growth of hair. Artificial products to hair are always a risky task. There is nothing best than the natural foods, fruits and vegetables. Today’s world is running behind the stress since they are engaged with lot of work pressures. But health is first vital factor when the human life is taken into account. The hair loss is mainly due to ageing, stress, work pressures and imbalanced life. Coconut and olive oil should be applied regularly to prevent the moisture content in the hair. The external treatment for the hair like oil massage is also the best treatment since it ensures the better blood circulation. People always feel in stress free manner while massaging. Applying coconut or olive oil often will remove the heat from the body. Though if we give many external treatments to the hair natural intake of best vitamins for hair growth will results in healthy hair.

What Are The Best Vitamins For Hair Growth

Deficiency of essential heath nutrients may lead to hair loss. The best minerals and vitamins are necessary for a strong and long hair. Before the intake of vitamins consult the doctor and check the level of vitamin present in your body. Vitamins also help the hair to regain its original colour. So that you can intake the vitamins accordingly in which you are lacking behind. Here are the best vitamins for hair growth that you should know if you want to grow your hair naturally and healthily:

Best Vitamins For Hair Growth

Vitamin E

It’s responsible for healthy hair. Consuming vitamin E rich food gives good strength to scalp which greatly prevents hair loss and enables the better growth of hair. Plant oils, sunflower seeds, almonds, dark green leaves are some of the E vitamins rich foods that are best to consume.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is rich in its dual activity since its good for hair and also for eyes. Sweet potato, green leaves, carrot, red pepper, cod liver oil, mangoes, whole milk is some of the vitamin A rich ingredients which will show better results.

B vitamins

B vitamins play an important role in keeping the hair, scalp and skin always stay healthy. Lack of B vitamins can lead to anemia, neurological problems, inflammation of the scalp and skin, gray hair and hair loss. The B vitamins are found in foods such as: cereals, bread, green leafy vegetables, beans, soy, yeast, wheat germ, beef (especially the liver).

Vitamin C

C vitamin is strong in helping the immune system to do its functions better. It also helps to fight against diseases. Guava, green leaves and peppers are rich in vitamin C.

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Don’t forget to add biotin to your diet to help your hair stay healthy and grow. Biotin is one of the B Vitamins and it helps to keep the health of skin, hair, eyes, liver & nervous system. Lack of Biotin will lead to hair loss, gray hair, red spots on the face, depression… The biotin-rich foods include pork liver, salmon, mushrooms, cauliflower, avocados, bananas, cereals, eggs


Iron is essential not only for hair growth but also for solving other health issues. Meat, dried fruit and green leaves are rich in iron content and preference for most of the doctors.


It’s another important mineral that treat your hair problems from the root cause. It solves all the imbalance issues and makes your hair to shine ever. Spinach, banana, almonds, black seeds, dark chocolate, yogurt, chard and figs are some of the food that is rich in magnesium.


Protein intake is must for removal of sluggish hair growth. Eggs, almond, chicken, oats, cottage cheese, almond, milk, broccoli, lean beef, tuna, lentils and pumpkin seed can be taken for better hair growth.

best vitamins for hair growth 2

Before consuming the above mentioned foods just check that you don’t have allergies to any of the above food. Some may have allergy towards sea food. It’s better to avoid those types of foods and may include rest of the foods. Apart from natural resources there are some supplements which contain the combination of all of the above ingredients. Such supplements are internal ingredients that help in growth of healthy and strong hair. One should not take excessive vitamins for quicker hair growth. Since it may lead to some serious side effect and so consume medium amount. Identify the type of vitamin deficiency in your body and try to refill those vitamins which will definitely yield good results. Intake of tablets and medicines for other kind of diseases will also results in hair loss. To prevent the natural hair loss, people must free from diseases. Intake of best vitamins for hair growth like natural fruits and vegetables will help to prevent you from various diseases.

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