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Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss

Protein plays an important role in building the body in terms of health, beauty and muscles. In some diets for people who want to lose weight, protein powder is often used as substitute food. Many people think that protein powder is the secret to help them lose weight easily and can be used both at the busiest moment but can still get the good results. So, what is the best protein powder for weight loss? Let’s find out about this.

Protein powder is not as perfect as we think

Many of us think that eating supplements full of proteins is healthier than eating natural foods full of protein. However, this may not be entirely true because protein powder doesn’t work completely effective as we think. This is because protein powder is manufactured at high temperatures and this denatures enzymes and amino acids rendering it almost useless to consume.

Secondly, protein powders are not nutritionally balanced since they contain high amount of proteins with very low amount of fats. Consuming protein powders may lead to depletion of vitamins A and D as well as rapid growth due to imbalance of fats and proteins. This is why in eggs, meat and even fish, proteins and fats are equally balanced.

What is the best protein powder for weight loss?

best protein powder for weight loss

The answer for this question is protein from foods is always the best. Many athletes, body-builders and even normal people do consume protein powder but it’s better to eat the following natural food alternatives instead of protein powder for all your protein demand.

Gelatin. One tablespoon of Gelatin has 7 grams of protein. This is a very high quantity that can build your body muscles and general physique. It also has amino acids like glycine which is known for improvement of sleep and body’s sensitivity to insulin. Furthermore, it also improves digestion.

Boiled eggs. A boiled egg is one of the proteins rich foods you can ever have. It has the yolk which contains fatty acids, cholesterol and fats while the white part is full of proteins. We should eat all the white and the yolk.

Pemmican. Since time memorial, travelers and explorers used pemmican for their fat and protein demands. There are different types of pemmican avaiable for you to choose from like dried cherries amongst other flavors.

Cheese. Cheese is on another level in terms of nutrition, flavor, convenience, bone-building calcium, hormone-balancing saturated fat and muscle-building protein compared to protein powder. It’s on a different high level! Eat cheese from cows, goats and sheep but make sure it’s raw.

Raw milk. Raw milk is another great source of not only proteins but also fats, carbohydrates, live enzymes and bio-vitamins. All these are very essential to your body but be ware that they cannot be found in pasteurized of processed milk.

Are you still in need of protein powder?

If you are a protein powder fan, then I would propose that you go for raw organic whey protein from grassfed cows. Since the processing is not that intense, the enzymes and amino acids remain active and hence offer nutritional balance in the body. It also doesn’t contain soy lecithin, natural flavor or even processing by-products. However, balance it with a good source of fat such as egg’s yolk into it.

And you should actually remember that the best protein powder for weight loss must be from foods. So, even though you have not given up the habit of using protein powder immediately, you should learn to stop eating it gradually and use protein from food. It is always the best.

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