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Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut has always been known as a fruit beverage on summer days, used in cooking to add poetic and charming dishes. But lately, it also adds that the first oil extracted from this fruit has many great effects for the beauty of women: beautiful hair, light skin, dark pigmentation treatment or dry skin… With just kind of this versatile oil alone, you would make beauty for both hair and skin. And other benefits of coconut oil listed below have been proven to be very effective in taking care of our beauty. Please join us to discover and learn how to take advantage of coconut oil magically.

Benefits of coconut oil for beauty

Skin care with coconut oil. Summer always brings fear to acne “violated” the female skin, coconut oil will save your skin with effects to knock out this nasty red spots effectively. You only need to wash face with warm water, then massage with coconut oil for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse with cold water and cleanser. Apply 2 times a day, morning and afternoon to get the surprise effect. Also, for the clear skin of acne, you just add a few drops of coconut oil mixed with cleanser when washing, this will help the skin more soft in this muggy weather.

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Blurring eye dark circles. It will be dedicated to use her special “night owls”. You only need one little dot cotton swab and rub coconut oil on the dark circles under the eyes. After 10 minutes, the bruises will fade significantly. It should be applied at night before going to bed to see the unexpected effect okay.

Good for hair. Coconut oil helps to keep the humidity that makes your hair always soft. Besides, natural antibiotics found in coconut oil, such as lauric acid and capric acid is capable of dandruff better than most anti-dandruff shampoos on the market . Get a little coconut oil and rub all the hair from root to tip and scalp, comb your hair and then wait about 30 minutes for the oil to penetrate the hair. Then rinse thoroughly with water, you can wash your hair twice with water to ensure the scalp and hair clean and thendry with a towel. It should be applied every 2 days to have the best results for beautiful hair.

Balm. Do you know that coconut oil can be used as one type of lip balm? Thanks to its supply of absolute adequate humidity, your lips will be soft. This will certainly be good news for women who often have to work in air conditioned rooms. By this way, you can use coconut oil in small bottles to put in a bag and apply it to the lips when their lips are dry.

Hand care. If the weather is hot and makes your hands dull, deep rough, please use the coconut oil. Simply just rub coconut oil all over the hands and nails, after 20 minutes, rinse with cool water. Make sure that your hands are smooth and soft. Learn more: Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

For body care. Surprisingly, coconut oil is the ability to bring the body lotion. You absolutely can use coconut oil as lotion after bathing. Take coconut oil and apply the 2 hands and then apply directly to the skin, used regularly every day, except for the facial area. Coconut oil is not sticky but brings sweet coconut smell, very pleasant.

Care legs. Summer weather is very dusty, especially the skin under the heel, causing them to become hardened and rough. If your feet are facing with the same problems, before bed, use a pumice stone scrub to cleanse the dead cells. Then rub coconut oil into your feet and get socks when going to sleep through the night to keep your feet warm. Do 2 times/week, soon you will look confident with cool sandals to welcome the summer days.

Blurring stretch marks for pregnant women. In particular, coconut oil has a very great advantage for pregnant women. That makes your stretch marks fade and increase milk production for the baby. It is not necessary to use dedicated creams, and pregnant women should only apply coconut oil daily to the abdomen from the 4th month onwards and completely prevent stretch marks effectively. According to that principle, coconut oil is the “magic bullet” fade stretch marks on your body by increasing / reducing weight in a short time.

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Other benefits of coconut oil for health

Provides energy. Special fat in coconut oil is a great source of energy to improve health and increase the immunity of the body.

Eczema in infants. Coconut oil is very safe for infants, useful to reduce itching, or pain and peeling in infants.

Foot mycosis. The strong antifungal properties of coconut oil will help to prevent fungal diseases.

Fungal infections. Coconut oil will prevent fungal infections both inside and outside the body.

Eczema diseases. Coconut oil reduces itching, flaking skin, dry skin which are caused by eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.

Alzheimer’s diseases. Several recent studies showed that coconut oil will slow down or prevent the development of dementia.

Reduce cravings. Using one tablespoon of coconut oil before you eat will help to curb cravings.

Keep slim physique. Coconut oil will increase the metabolism of your body, improve the function of the thyroid gland and support for weight loss safely.

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