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Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

Coconut oil is a natural product which has benefits for both our health and beauty. When used in cooking, coconut oil can help reduce cholesterol and provides a number of antioxidants and natural antibiotic in it to help improve the health of the body and prevent some diseases. However, the use of coconut oil is known and most used in the area of natural beauty. Coconut oil works to beautify the skin, hair and physique. In this article, Natural Health – Natural Beauty would like to introduce to you the basic benefits of coconut oil for hair care, especially for those who are interested in the benefits of coconut oil for hair growth.

Basic benefits of coconut oil for hair growth

Protein is an extremely important factor in the growth of the hair. Pure coconut oil is a rich source of fatty acids such as oleic acid, linoleic acid and lauric acid. In particular, lauric acid is proven to be effective in promoting hair growth, as it can easily be linked to proteins inside the hair root contributing to the protection of the hair and preventing hair breakage. Pure coconut oil helps your hair to be strong and have more moisture. These fatty acids are capable of penetrating the hair shaft and the scalp and facilitate the hair to be nourished from the inside.

Pure coconut oil contains a large amount of Vitamin E, Vitamin K and iron. These nutrients are essential factors for maintaining the luster and softness of the hair. Vitamin E is particularly effective in removing dandruff and dandruff can be a cause of preventing hair growth. In addition, by improving the health of the hair cuticle and scalp, coconut oil can actually repair damaged hair. The antifungal properties also eliminates the components that make up the dandruff. All these effects will contribute to the hair growth.

In addition, coconut oil also provides an ability to hold moisture very efficiently within the hair. Coconut oil deeply ingrained in the hair will make up a healthy hair surface, it also contributes to protect the hair from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, environmental pollution, smog or high temperatures…

coconut oil for hair growth

How to use coconut oil for hair growth

If you are looking to have a thick and beautiful hair, the first thing you need to do is care for it healthily by protecting the hair roots and preventing hair breakage and loss. When the problems of hair loss is resolved, your hair will be thicker and stronger. The good news is that coconut oil will help you take care of the hair roots and prevent hair breakage very efficiently. Of course, if combined with a diet that is also beneficial for the hair’s health, the hair breakage problem will be resolved effectively.

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Coconut oil is a method of hair care which is both safe and effective, and especially, it is reasonable price so you can be assured of long-term use. The essential nutrient in coconut oil is lauric acid which penetrates deep into the hair shaft and helps to improve the overall health of your hair. There are several ways to use coconut oil to help hair growth. You can use pure coconut oil or you can also combine coconut oil with some other natural oils. Here are instructions for using coconut oil only for hair growth. A very simple formula that fully effective.

Step 1: Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, use just enough coconut oil. When stored in the refrigerator, the coconut oil will become solid. So you need to warm it up before using it. You can put coconut oil in hot water or use a microwave. Note: do not leave it too hot because it can hurt the scalp and hair roots.

Step 2: Wet your hair with warm water. In this step, the water will soften your hair, and it also helps the hair to be ready to receive the coconut oil.

Step 3: Use two hands to apply warm coconut oil onto hair. Apply so that all the hair fibers are exposed to the oil. Massage the hair and scalp for about 10 minutes to help the coconut oil infiltrate faster and deeper into the hair and scalp. Massaging your scalp will also help the blood circulate better and create both a healthy scalp and hair roots.

Step 4: Use a shower cap or towel for hair incubation for an hour or more. At this time the temperature of your body will help promote the work of coconut oil in the care of the hair and scalp. It penetrates deep into the hair shafts and care the hair from roots to the end of the hair. Many people found that if they can leave it on overnight, the effect will increase even more.

Step 5: Rinse the coconut oil out of the hair after the period of incubation, and then you wash it by shampoo as usual. Rinse hair thoroughly until it no longer feels sticky. Use a dry towel to gently pat the hair dry naturally. Now you can feel the difference to your hair.

When coconut oil is used for hair growth, it should be applied 2 to 3 times a week. Here you need to note that, after applying coconut oil to your hair and scalp, you need to use your fingers to gently massage both the hair and the scalp. This not only enhances the permeability of coconut oil on the scalp and the hair cells, but will also enhance benefits of coconut oil for hair growth. In addition, a gentle head massage will also enhance the blood flow and oxygen to the top of the head to help the hair grow faster and more efficiently. In addition, when you have incubated the hair when using coconut oil, you will need to wait a while for the coconut oil to take effect so ensure that you then wash hair with shampoo throughly to avoid the coconut oil clogging the hair roots.

There are some people who love to mix coconut oil with some other natural ingredients such as olive oil or oil of rosemary. The results they achieved were very positive when combined with the benefits of coconut oil for hair growth. Olive oil or rosemary oil also enhances the blood circulation in the scalp, and when used with coconut oil can generate great results. Usage is very simple. Instead of using only pure coconut oil, they add a few drops of olive oil or rosemary oil to the coconut oil, mix them together and apply the formula 5 steps above.

benefits of coconut oil for hair growth

Coconut oil is also good for the skin

Besides the wonderful benefits of coconut oil for hair growth as shown above, it also has excellent benefits for our skin. Lauric acid is the main saturated fat in coconut oil. Some researches showed that Lauric acid can slow the growth of some fungi and harmful bacteria. Lauric acid also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are quite effective. Consequently, coconut oil also works well in treating acne. A research in 2009 showed that lauric acid can be used as an alternative to antibiotics for acne.

Additionally, coconut oil is a great moisturizer for the skin. If using coconut oil regularly to care for your skin, your skin will become healthy and beautiful in appearance.

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