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Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Castor oil is extracted from castor bean and the seed of castor plant. Its natural nutritional supplements supply various minerals and vitamins which are essential for good hair growth. Many dermatologists and beauticians recommend this oil for healthy scalp and good hair growth. This oil is rich in Vitamin-E and contains lots of mineral and proteins. It has many benefits for skin due its underlying strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. Let’s explore the benefits of Castor oil for hair growth that are listed below.

Benefits of Castor oil for hair growth

Castor oil helps to keep scalp healthy

Ricinoleic acid is an acid contained in castor oil which possesses various organic properties which stimulate good hair growth and maintains the hair in good condition. This natural oil possesses many nourishing supplements that are required to strengthen the hair follicles and hair growth. It also strengthens the strands and renders healthy and shining texture to hair and skin. As a massage therapy, it is advisable to pour a little quantity of castor oil into the palms and rub them together till the oil gets heated. Massage the oil over the scalp and hair gently. The heat generated by rubbing the oil in the hands will make it easier for it to penetrate the hair strands. The oil should remain in the scalp for thirty to forty minutes and then it should be rinsed off with mild warm water. This oil massage will provide the strands with protein and minerals which are vital supplements for hair growth. This also acts as a protective coating for the scalp which will protect the scalp from becoming dry and brittle. In many beauty parlors, this kind of oil therapy is practiced in head massage. Castor oil head massage increases the blood flow and nourishes the hair follicles. People who are suffering from chronic headaches and sinus problems are getting relieved by this effective castor oil therapy. Amazing results are observed in patients who are suffering from migraine and tension headaches.

Benefits of Castor oil for hair growth

Castor oil helps to prevent dandruff formation

Dandruff is another important cause for hair loss. A majority of hair loss is due to dandruff which is popularly found in all age groups. Dermatologists recommend many modern medications, but improvements are hardly found with those medicines. Certain dandruff medicines cause negative side effects to scalp such as skin irritation and itching. So people are frightened to apply allopathic drugs to scalp. Castor oil plays an important role in preventing dandruff and eliminates the accumulated dandruff from the scalp. The anti-fungal properties present in this oil eliminates the dandruff smoothly without any skin itching or irritation. The oil can be applied over the scalp and preserved for ten to fifteen minutes and then it can be rinsed with mild hot water, herbal soap or shampoo can be applied along with the oil. It is helpful in moisturizing the skin and prevents dry or unhealthy skin.

Castor oil helps to prevent hair balding and graying

Hair balding is a serious threat which affects millions of men and women of all age groups. Aging, menopause, stress, mental depression and much more reasons contribute to hair balding, which can be easily prevented by applying castor oil at regular intervals. Premature graying is another problem which affects many young people. Instead of using artificial hair dying, it is advisable to use castor oil to protect the natural hair color. Castor oil’s natural organic ingredients protect the hair from premature graying and also prevent hair loss. People who are suffering from hair loss are obtaining good results by continuous usage of this oil. Hair loss is prevented and hair growth is stimulated. Ringworm and many other scalp disorders are treated with castor oil. This oil is used as a major ingredient in preparing hair oils for rejuvenation. All branches of medications such as allopathic, herbal, siddha, homeopathy and ayurveda are using castor oil as an important ingredient for preparing hair oils. Its inbuilt medical property supports all branches of medicines with various positive effects. This oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acid content which thickens the hair. The emollient properties of castor oil make it a perfect choice for healthy hair growth. Castor oil comes in various different forms such as virgin, extra virgin, pure and light. Many pharmaceutical companies are still improving its quality with their researches and products. Many developed nations are doing various research and development activities with this oil to explore the underlying medical benefits in it.

Castor oil for hair growth

Another effective oil for hair growth is coconut oil. To learn more about how coconut oil can help hair grow, read on: Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

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