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Beauty Benefits Of Lemon

Lemon is a very familiar fruit to us that almost everyone knows. This is a kind of citrus fruit which contains high levels of vitamin C and has many beneficial effects for human health. Lemons have many useful effects for both health and beauty, for example, fresh lemons are often used to make lemon juice, mix with the water to clean and protection our face skin, deodorizer in the refrigerator, or regulate the air in the room… Let’s see a few beauty benefits of lemon listed below.

Some beauty benefits of lemon

Lemon mask is suitable for all skin. You can try to mix the juice from half a lemon with egg yolk for degreasing dead skin, moisturizing in the dry season.

Rough skin Care: To soften rough skin on heels and elbows, using lemon to rup your rough skin and then dip in salt water to keep the skin moist. Foot soaking in a few minutes then wash and rub skin cream.

Oily skin Care: Cut a lemon into thin slices, add 2 tablespoons of fresh mint and add a little water. After cleaning up the face, rub the mixture for 10 minutes. Your face will be brighter, smooth as dead skin is removed away with sebum and dirt.

Beauty Benefits Of Lemon

Mask for all skin: Make a mixture of half lemon juice with one egg yolk. Mix thoroughly and apply on face (eye area should be protected). 15 minute facial massage with the mixture and rinse with warm water then pat little cold water to tighten the skin pores. Finally, use a moisturizer everyday. This mask is suitable for all skin.

Whiten nails, soft hand skin: Lemons can help to whiten nails irritated by the stains. Rubbing palms of your hands, nails with a half lemon will be effectively clean.

Massage swelling and fatigue legs: Foot soaking with warm slices of lemon and water will help to relax and reduce swollen feet, tired legs. Before going to bed, washing your feet with warm lemon water mixture will be very useful to help you sleep better and the legs are always soft and rosy.

Increased capacity: Lemon is rich in vitamin C, a vitamin for energy for the body. When you feel tired and want invigorating, drink a glass of water with fresh lemon juice.

Beauty Benefits Of Lemon 3

Smooth hair: After shampooing thoroughly, mixing little lemon juice with warm water and applying to hair massage will help hair more shiny and smooth.

Fragrant Breathing: If your mouth is dry, sipping thin slices of lemon will make your breathing better, increase salivation.

Helps lose weight: Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C which is good for the physique. By using lemons, you can keep your body looking slim. Read more at: Effective Weight Loss With Lemons

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