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Beauty Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea is known as a nutritious drink, a significant source of nutrients, it has many benefits in both health and beauty. Green tea leaves contain most of the vitamins such as vitamins A, B1, B2, PP, especially vitamin C. The amount of vitamin C in green tea is 3-4 times as much as oranges, lemons. Today, scientists have found 17 kinds of amino acid and a large amount of minerals in tea leaves needed for the body. Protein and Phenol compounds are easily combined together to make up the color, flavor contributing to many other uses of green tea.

Tea is the only beverage containing GC, EGC, EGCG for refreshment, cleansing the body. Caffeine is an important component which creates a sense of exciting. However, the amount of caffeine in tea is much lower than the coffee. That can limit the damage to the nervous and digestive systems. In addition, green tea also contains a variety of different carbohydrates and enzymes involved in the metabolism of the body.

The use of green tea for health has been widely popularized, but not many people know about beauty benefits of green tea. Let’s explore which benefit green tea can do for our beauty.

Some beauty benefits of green tea

Green tea

Beauty skin with Green Tea

Thanks to the high amount of vitamin C, green tea is able to be very powerful for antioxidant. Green tea can be used for drinking or doing daily skin care masks to help prevent aging, wrinkles limiting.

In summer, green tea makes cool, and remove toxic effects of sunlight from the skin, giving smooth looking and bright skin. Nutrients found in green tea help youth regaining and maintain skin health.

Using daily cosmetics contains chemicals that are hypoallergenic and makes your skin dark. Green tea mask reduces the harmful effects of cosmetics. green tea Juice is very good for sunlight resistance and can replace conventional sunscreens.

Green tea is very effective for antibacterial usage and for the treatment of acne problems. Just applying a thin layer of green tea juice, cones will quickly cure because bacteria are destroyed – acne has no chance of spreading.

Green tea can eliminate sebum and dirt on the skin, cleanses dead cells and help to control oily skin condition, clear and tighten pores.

In addition, green tea helps to quickly relieve sensitive skin around the eyes. Tannin compounds in green tea help allergy wounds leave quickly, clear the bruises and the bruises fade puffiness. You can even reuse the bags just brewing tea residue. All tired, anxious face will disappear completely in about 5 minutes.

Beautify your hair with green tea

Green tea is known as a precious medicinal herbs for hair. Due to its high antiseptic, green tea helps eliminate fungus and bacteria arrays. So washing your hair regularly with green tea leaves water limits itchy scalp effect and fungus roots.

On the other hand, green tea has the ability to effectively remove dandruff. Dandruff is dead cells, and peeling a scab. Much dandruff can make the scalp cause blockage, causing itching. Green tea helps to remove dandruff layer on the skin completely, strengthen the health of the scalp.

Green tea is good for blood circulation, accelerates the exchange of oxygen and nutrients feeding the skin cells, stimulates hair growing faster. In addition to using green tea as a drink every day, you can combine with a number of other ingredients such as wine, honey, vegetable oil to make cream to smooth discharge and prevent hair loss.

Green tea helps to reduce fat

For overweight and obese people, green tea is drink that you should daily maintain. A scientific training, a reasonable diet with 3-4 cups of green tea per day helps you fasten fat loss. Green tea can help the body to burn 100 calories a day.

Green tea helps to accelerate the metabolic energy expenditure. Thus, after a high-fat diet, you should drink a cup of green tea to liberate fat quickly. Excess fat accumulation under the skin can drain more easily, thus helping you get in slim shape gently.

In addition, green tea can lower cholesterol, cleanse toxins in the body and help you have bright skin and a healthy body.

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Notes when using green tea

Although green tea is a good beverage for health and beauty, the use of green tea also improperly affects the metabolic processes of the body.

You absolutely should not drink green tea when you are hungry, because at that time green tea will make you ravenous, nausea, dizziness, and vertigo. Moreover, you should not drink tea immediately after a meal: tannins in green tea are able to “de-rail”, the body can not absorb all nutrients from food.

The most suitable temperature for tea is 56 degrees C. At that temperature, nutrients, vitamins in tea are released best, and provide the best flavor. While you keep tea water for a long time, it will be “stale” due to oxidation and contamination, making you susceptible to get intestinal problems. Caffeine in green tea stimulates the activity of the nervous system, creating excitement but it may cause you to lose sleep when you drink at night or before bedtime.

You should not drink green tea absolutely when you take tablets, milk and other protein-rich foods.

Some products made ​​from green tea

Rencently, green tea has been used in the preparation of pharmaceutical products, functional foods to accelerate the consumption of excess fat, lose weight, get in slim shape.

Green Tea is also included in the antiseptic product as toothpaste, dishwashing liquid or cleanser… That showed the true use of green tea.

However, the use of pharmaceuticals, functional foods or cosmetics green tea extracted should be careful because in some cases the only manufacturers take the guise of advertising for their products.

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