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Beautiful Breasts Tips

The youthful, vibrant and attractiveness of a woman that fascinate men at first eye may be the beauty breasts. Therefor, keeping this body part is one of the central focuses of women. Are you wondering on how beautiful breasts are measured? There are some characteristics of beautiful breasts that I’d like to share you with. Let’s check them out.

  • The measurement of areola is commonly smaller than 40 mm in diameter
  • Nipples must sit above the breast fold. Most folks agree that such attractive breasts have nipple nearly 6.9 cm above the breast fold
  • The next thing is the size. Breast size must be proportional when adjusted with chest width and height
  • Perky breasts are what is loved by men
  • Symmetrical breasts are the crucial aspect to make such beautiful breasts.

How to maintain beautiful breasts?

Be Vigilant About Your Diet

First of all, mind your diet. Do not take alcohol too much and take plenty fiber instead. This will smoothen your digestive tract. Proper intake of protein is crucial since it builds the muscles and collagen, which are important stuff to support the shape and structure of breasts. Also ensure that you have enough intakes in fish and olive oil. Of course fresh fruits and veggies are included as daily consumption. Don’t forget to take good supplements that includes vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and selenium, which are excellent source of antioxidants.

beautiful breasts

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Maintain your weight is also important to keep your beautiful breasts. Being overweight is not an option. This is very important. Excess fat in breast stretches the skin and that will affect your breast shape for sure.

Establish an appropriate exercise program

Good exercise program is recommended. There are many workouts that you can try to keep your breasts in beautiful shape. Establish an appropriate exercise program to strengthen the muscles underlying the breast tissue. Though such exercises may not make your breasts larger, they are good to maintain your breasts shape. Keep in mind to include them in your daily or weekly routine.

Breast massaging

Have you ever done breast massaging? It is important to enhance their shape, size and attractiveness. You can massage your breasts regularly. I suggest you to massage them with good moisturizing cream each night to keep the skin supple and soft. The breasts will be kept feeling younger and wrinkles will be prevented by this and breast massaging is not a hard thing to do. If you are new into this, there are a lot of free source of tutorials you can find online. Some hosting videos such as YouTube and Vimeo are the best place to find DIY tutorials. There are even some books that explain step by step in breast massaging.

Supportive Bra

Such constructive bra also plays important role. Wear supportive bra in daily basis, especially when working out.

Remember that beautiful breasts are the results of both good care and good health. To keep the breasts beauty both inside and out, it’s necessary to do monthly self-examinations of the breasts. If you feel any irregularities, you should tell your doctor immediatly.

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