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A Good Sleep Helps With Weight Loss

Good sleep is not only good for our health and beauty, but also very good for weight loss programs. If you are planning to lose weight fast, you should have a healthy diet, eat in moderation, do more exercises and don’t forget to try to sleep at least 6-7 hours per day.

There are days when you have to do too many things and you wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day. But because that is impossible, we try to work as much as possible and accidentally miss out on the recommended sleeping time.

The result is that the body’s metabolism can be effected and cause arrhythmia, as a result of you missing sleep and having incorrect eating habits and not eating in moderation. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that’s effects the quality of sleep and can lead to a lot of health problems. You tend to be irritability, feel tired, eat more which makes you gain weight and have a lack of concentration… Therefore, if you are planning to lose weight, you need to have a healthy diet, eat in moderation and also try to sleep at least 6-7 hours each day.

Here are the reasons why a good sleep helps you to lose weight fast and healthily

A Good Sleep Helps With Weight Loss

A good night’s sleep helps you relax and have a normal metabolism

When you are relaxed and asleep, your metabolism is normal, so when you wake up after a good sleep, you can digest food more easily and your body does not feel constantly hungry but a lack of sleep can make you want to snack and eat a lot more than you should.

So going to bed early and getting up early is the best way to make your body refreshed. Combining this with healthy eating will help you get weight loss more effectively.

Getting enough sleep will reduce the amount of the hormone “cortisol” in the body

A good night of sleep will help you increase the energy and dynamism that you feel the next morning. But if you lose sleep or don’t have a good quality of sleep, the hormone “cortisol” in your body will skyrocket. The hormone “cortisol” will make you not have enough energy and feel lazy when you wake up and cause you to gain weight.

Get enough sleep to get the correct ghrelin and leptin hormone balance

Did you know that your body produces hormones leptin and ghrelin and can become unstable due to a lack of sleep. Ghrelin is the hormone that makes you want to eat more, but the hormone leptin is a signal that you’re satisfied. A lack of sleep reduces leptin and therefore stops your brain controlling how much you eat. The result is that you lose control of your eating habits and gaining weight rapidly.

Sleeping 6-7 hours per day will balance the hormones ghrelin and leptin in the body and help you to lose weight more easily.

Get enough sleep so that the body produces a sufficient amount of insulin

Less sleep means that the amount of insulin that your body produces is reduced by 30% . When your pancreas does not secrete enough insulin, your body will struggle to break down the fat and fat storage automatically. And this is why you accumulate fat in unwanted places. A good sleep not only prevents you from gaining weight but is also a great way to start your weight loss programme.

Sleep is very important. It is as important as eating in the right way and exercising regularly to lose weight. There is nothing wrong if you have a nap at noon. Sleeping during the day will make you gain weight is a mistaken notion. A midday nap gives you more energy for the remainder of the day and helps your body to stay dynamic as you work.

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