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5 Ways To Start a Nice Day

An overview of 134 research related to Breakfasts by the University of Leeds (UK) shows that memory, problem solving skills, ability to communicate fluently, and cognitive abilities will be negatively affected if we skip breakfast – a meal is considered as the most important of the day.

And a recent study has given 5 simple ways to help us achieve the most benefit from breakfast and from the brain.

Walking to “awaken” the brain
According to a study by the University of Illinois (USA), only 20 minute walking each morning will also help to improve the 16% “cognitive flexibility” – the ability to “turn on” the ideas and solutions whenever the legal problems faced by the brain. The researchers stated that the brain will trim “income” benefits such as cerebral blood flow and the levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine also increased.

start a nice day

Breakfast spread
According to a study by Cardiff University in the UK conducted the theory and problem-solving ability was improved to 35% for people who regularly ate snacks for breakfast or divided it into 4 smaller meals every one hour. As researchers said, the type of breakfast spread continually provided the brain a suitable source of energy in the form of glucose.

Have nuts for Breakfast
A study was conducted in Spain that if you ate just a small handful of walnuts – fruits containing more polyphenols every day also helps your memory to improve to 19%. As researchers proved polythenol in these fruits is very effective to reduce oxidative stress (oxidative stress) and thus improve the communication between the nerve cells of the brain.

Breakfast with protein
According to a study in Japan, comparing with those who do not eat breakfast or eat breakfast with higher sugar content, the brain activity in the higher-protein breakfast is higher nearly 20%. The reason for this is proteins, unlike sugar, which helps the brain to provide a consistent source of energy. Eggs have not only beneficial effects, but also the great source of protein to help us quickly reduce hunger.

A study by the University of Bristol (UK) lately conducted, only 20 -30 mg of caffeine each morning is enough to help to improve our intelligence. And you should remember an average cup of coffee containing 120-130 mg of caffeine, and although caffeine consumption is higher than 20 to 30 mg, it can be unable to help improve brain more.


In addition to coffee, a small piece of dark chocolate in the morning also helps bring certain effects. Studies have shown that dark chocolate improves blood flow and cholesterol and even help you lose weight. Only about 2 pieces of dark chocolate squares as a half small finger also contains about 25mg of caffeine.

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