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5 Ways To Live Longer And Healthier


Each day everyone must sleep 8 hours in average. During sleep, the brain will stop working temporarily and recreate the energy spent some time earlier. A good and full sleep can help us overcome all obstacles. Sleep plays an important role in balancing the metabolism, memory, learning, and immune function. The body is resting while we sleep. However, a lot of work is still going on to repair the damage caused by stress. Thus, if you have a deep sleep with the appropriate time, we will feel refreshed and more energetic.

The tissue regeneration also takes place during sleeping. That actually makes your skin look better. Hormones also regulate when you are sleeping, so if you don’t spend enough time sleeping, it can cause adverse effects, especially for children, because the development of the human body usually occurs only when you are sleeping.


There is a very interesting statement: “a smile is equally ten tonic scales”. Smile is probably the most effective medicine. Smile not only helps to improve spirit, laughter has also a positive impact on the body’s hormones. Laughing reduces stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. On the other hand, it increases levels of the hormone that helps you feel better as endorphins and neutrotransmitters. A cheery smile can improve your immune system by increasing the number of antibody-producing cells and the effect of T cells, a cell plays a particularly important role in maintaining strength for a healthy immune system. Smile makes the skin stretch leading to better elasticity which makes us look more youthful. If you start a new day with a smile as soon as you wake up, you’ll have a more enjoyable and fun.

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Dark Chocolate

Research shows that using 45g of chocolate a day can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Only does dark chocolate contain plant sterols to help lower blood pressure. Because white or milk chocolate doesn’t contain beneficial for health. Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants which can help to protect the body from cancers and heart diseases. If you want to slow your aging body, you eat a little dark chocolate every day.

To get the best effects of dark chocolate for health, do not eat it while drinking milk. Milk prevents the ability to receive antioxidants contained in chocolate. That’s also the reason why milk chocolate does not bring the same effect to health.

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Red Wine

First it’s obvious that excessive drinking will be very harmful for your health. However, the medical research proves that it is benefit to drink one or two glasses of red wine per day. Red wine contains antioxidants, resveratrol works, and anti-aging process. Red wine reduces the risk of heart attack by 30-50% and can resist a repeat heart attack if you’ve ever been.

In addition, red wine has positive impact on cholesterol. It increases good cholesterol (HLD) and prevents the formation of bad cholesterol (LDL). Drinking red wine also helps combat blood clots and the damage of blood vessels.


Although we do not know how many studies on the effects of sexual health and the results have been announced, we all know that a healthy sex helps us feel comfortable. Besides maintaining a healthy pelvic muscles and deeper sleep, sex also brings many benefits for health. Making love one or two times a week helps you against from getting colds and infections by the production of antibodies and immunoglobulins.

Sexual intercourse is also effective for pain relief. Headaches, PMS syndrome (abdominal pain syndrome premenopausal) and pain associated with arthritis proved to be significantly improved as a result of the relations of producing the hormone oxytocin in the blood. With the amount of oxytocin in the blood, endorphins increases and prevents pain.

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