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10 Reasons Why Japanese Women Appear Ageless

The Japanese have a long life and a seductive slender physique and are not afraid of becoming overweight thanks to a healthy diet each day. Here, Natural Health – Natural Beauty introduce to you 10 reasons that help Japanese women to remain looking younger than their age.

The preferred daily dish

Most of the favorite foods of the Japanese are healthy foods. They are: fish, seaweed, soy, seafood, rice, green tea… Among Japanse foods, fish is the dish which appears most often in Japanese meal.

Eat slowly, divided into small portions

From the days of childhood, the Japanese have been taught to eat slowly to taste the delicious pieces of food they are eating. The amount of food on their plate is always just 1/3 of what the Americans would have. The principles of the Japanese eating:

  • Do not have the plates full of food.
  • Never eat large amounts of food no matter how much they like it.
  • Each dish is put on a separate plate so the flavours will not be mixed.
  • Each dish is decorated in a natural way.
  • The freshness factor is the top their priority.

Reasons Why Japanese Women Appear Ageless

The Japanese prefer to eat at home

The Japanese prefer eating at home rather than eating out at restaurants. A traditional meal consisting of grilled fish, rice, braised vegetables, miso soup with sliced fruit for dessert and drink green tea after meals.

Japan’s population accounted for just 2% of the world, the number of fish they consume is up to 10% of the total fish caught in a year. Fish is a great food in the diet of Japanese women because this is a source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Omega-3 helps boost metabolism and protein which helps to feel full for longer.

The Japanese particularly like to eat salmon because they are low in calories. Eating salmon will not cause weight gain but will also help in maintaining a slender body. They consume cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts 5 times more than Americans do.

Use fresh and seasonal food

The Japan’s supermarkets sell fresh food with very short-term use. So the Japanese women have to use this food the same day and have to prepare the meal within 30 minutes.

When the food starts boiling, turn it off

The most popular ways of preparing food in Japan include: steamed, grilled on the pan, simmer or quick sauté in a frying pan… The Japanese chef gives attention to using heart-healthy oils and flavors to enhance the dish. Meals are prepared with a sufficient amount of food to fulfill a person appetite and leave them filling full.

Breakfast is the most important meal to the Japanese

The Japanese healthy breakfast may include food such as green tea, rice, miso soup with tofu and green onion, seaweed, fish or omelet. It was considered the most important meal and the Japanese rarely missed this meal despite being busy.

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Japanese healthy breakfast

Japanese people eat rice instead of bread

What stands out amongst the people in the Eastern and Western parts of the world is the differences in the food they eat. For example, instead of eating bread with every meal, they have a half cup of brown rice or other whole grains 1-2 times each day the same as the Japanese do. Consuming more refined wheat flour, which is found in bread is a major cause of obesity in America today.

Limit desserts that are sweet

This does not mean that the Japanese do not prefer the tasty dishes such as chocolate, cakes, biscuits, ice cream… But they enjoy them on other occasions and not for dessert. It is a fact that if you eat a lot of sweet foods to satisfy your appetite then weight gain will be an inevitable result.

Not interested in dieting

While Americans are obsessed with dieting and weight, the Japanese people are encouraged to enjoy a wider variety of foods. However, a part of the young generation is gradually becoming affected by the emergence of fast-food outlets from the Western world to Japan.

Doing exercise

According to the article in the Time magazine “How to live 100 years”, the Japanese have good health and great shape because they actively incorporate different forms of exercise each day. They are continually moving in everyday life such as cycling around the city, walking, hiking and they even try to take some form of excercises when sitting.

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