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10 Popular Foods To Prevent Cancer

According to experts, a reasonable diet can reduce by 35% the deaths caused by cancer. A healthy diet is not about eating less food but more about what you eat such as meat, vegetables and fruit. Many popular vegetables are proven to be good for your health, potentially preventing disease, especially cancer. Here Natural Health – Natural Beauty want to introduce to you the vegetables that you should add to your diet to help protect your health.


Onions contain vescalin (c27h20o8) which is a natural substance against cancer. Research shows that people who regularly eat vegetables, the rate of stomach cancer was lower by 25% compared with those eating little or don’t eat any at all. Particularly in the cases of stomach cancer that apply to the diet. Onions can lower the mortality rate by 30% compared to other groups.


The scientists from the US National Cancer Institute demonstrated garlic can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and other cancers such as colon, stomach and breast. People who eat a garlic clove each day, the risk of cancer will be reduced by half compared to people who do not eat any.


Asparagus contains high vitamin content and high in rutin, and can have certain positive effects to prevent both skin cancer and bladder cancer… Asparagus can be cooked into a delicious dish, with nutritious health benefits.


Tomato contains lycopene and beta carotene (natural vitamin a) which is effective against cell oxidation, thereby helping to prevent breast, stomach and gastrointestinal cancers. To prevent cancer, especially prostate, you should eat unprocessed raw tomatoes.

Foods To Prevent Cancer


Capsaicin in chili enhances cardiovascular health by improving the ability to dissolve blood clots and is anti-inflammatory. This drug also slows growth or even kills cancer cells without damaging surrounding cells.


Carrots contain carotene, protid, lipids, glucide, water, cenluloz, mineral salts and vitamins C, D, E, B1, B2. Carrot juice is a typical treatment for some diseases such as boils, fungus, eczema, burns, wounds sores, complementary treatment for breast cancer, carcinoma. Carrots and green and yellow vegetables have cancer preventive effects. According to the experts, carrots contain a large amount of living matter capable of preventing colon, rectal and breast cancers


The Us and Japanese scientists have discovered a lot of fungi like in a variety of mushrooms and mushroom buds contain substances that protect against cancer. Such as the substance pholysaccharide in shiitake, wood ear pholysaccharide in white and black wood ear are also quite effective in preventing cancer

Sweet Potatoes

This vegetable contains antioxidants beta carotene, vitamin, mineral and fiber which helps prevent heart disease, stroke and cancer. Eating sweet potatoes every day reduces the risk by 22% of myocardial infarction in women and decreases from 70% to 40% the risk of stroke.

Green tea

Tea contains phenylpolyphenol which has an anti-cancer effect. Drinking tea can protect against some diseases such as liver and stomach cancer. Research shows that women who drink green tea daily had a 60% lower likelihood of getting ovarian cancer. Most teas are good, but green tea is effective against the most powerful cancers

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